Sunday, February 26, 2017

Can Fervent Muslims be Good Citizens in a Western Democracy?

The Muslim (Islam) “religion” dates back to the 7th century with the founding by the self-proclaimed “prophet”, Mohammad. His words, that are contained in the Muslim holy book, the Koran, are the basis by which an estimated 1.5 billion members today use as the basis of their faith. There are two versions of the Koran. The first version of the Koran was a version of “peace” which tried to entice or gain adherents and followers to his “religion”. This version was “peaceful and inclusive” and it did attract many who lived in the Middle East, but when he tried to expand his following by gaining new members, the message in the later version of the Koran became very brutal and just the opposite of the more moderate 1st edition. According to Muslim scholars, the 2nd version supersedes the 1st version of the “Holy Koran”.

Since that early part of Mohammad's life, Islam has been at “war” with the rest of the world in trying to recruit additional members by setting up a “caliphate”. Many historians and observers have claimed that Islam is not strictly a religion, but a “theocratic political ideology” wrapped up in the cloak of a religion.

Since the 7th century, Islam has expanded its influence to the aforementioned estimated 1.5 billion members, mostly located in the Middle East and the sub-continent of Asia.

And since the 7th century, militant Islamists (Muslims) have struck fear into many cultures and countries around the world. In their desire to expand their influence to all parts of the world, the use of terror seems to be the “modus operandi” of the leaders of the various Muslim factions. In fact, the political side of Islam, has and is trying to implement “Sharia Law” that supersedes all other laws that might exist around the world. A good Muslim “must” adhere to the teachings of Mohammad or he would, in the eyes of the spiritual elite Muslims (the Imams), as being an “apostate” ( someone who leaves the faith, and according to the Koran can be killed without retribution to the perpetrator).

Atrocities around the world today seem to be mainly perpetrated by the fanatical adherents of Islam. Acts of terror in the Middle East and around the world have become commonplace, and many of these barbarous acts are conducted in the name of “Allah” (the Muslim God). Some say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but, then again, most all terrorists are Muslims. Most other religions, (ex: Christianity and Judaism etc.) are religions of peace and understanding, whereas most hard-core Muslims preach violence and mayhem to further their cause. It would be hard to claim that Islam is a “peaceful” religion like some apologists want us to believe.

The anger of the militant Muslims are not just directed at other religions, but, in many cases, are directed at other Muslims who belong to the different sects of Islam, Shia and Sunni, which are the competing Muslim ideologies. In fact, more killings of Muslims by other Muslims is the major cause of death of people who claim to be Muslim.

In every country where Muslims are in the minority (mostly in Western countries), they are obsessed with minority rights (ex: in the U.S. and Great Britain etc.). In every country with a Muslim majority, there are no minority rights. That is why many peace-loving democratic countries around the world are fearful of accepting Muslims into their societies. That was one of the reasons why Donald Trump and the people of Great Britain (Brexit) cast their votes to stem the influence of Muslims gaining a foothold in their countries.

Is it irrational for citizens of the western democracies to be fearful of the influx of Muslims into their countries? My conclusion is NO, and all those who are being vilified for backing a moratorium of Muslim refugees entering their countries are not Islamophobic, but rightfully cautious about losing their sovereignty and freedom to this “theocratic political ideology” called militant Islam.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Larry Cutler said...

In every country where Muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights. In every country with a Muslim majority, there is no minority rights. So much for that canard that Islam is a peaceful "religion".

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lesson in history.
How different opinion would be if dissidents were aware with this knowledge....but then again, they are too stupid to understand, that makes them dissidents.