Thursday, February 16, 2017

Celebrities With Mental Issues, Needing Psychriatic Evaluation

The liberal world has been shaken, down to its foundation and
the snakes have crawled out from under the rock they've been
living under, trying to delegitimize the election of Pres. Donald
J, Trump.

Organized sponsors funded in the millions, by self serving creeps
like George Soros, are stirring the pot with the usual rabble who
haven't a clue, to do their bidding of destroying the miracle called

It's a pity how many unsuspecting, decent people have been drawn
into this scheme by irrelevant, illusionary people who think their
celebrity gives weight to express their distorted outlook on

The "Women's March on Washington" was a fiasco, because the
theme wasn't about women's rights, but a rally for planned parenthood
for choice to abort life; consoling themselves for Hillary Clinton's
loss due to many of them not having voted, and to vent hate for our
lawfully elected president. They totally missed castigating areas of the
world that treat women inhumanely.

I have a novel idea for the President to stop abortion being used as a
form of birth control, used in many cases within the 327,653 in one year,
averaging 898 per day and 37 per hour. Instead of issuing an executive
order to withhold funding, the money might be transferred to fund
vasectomies and sterilization. Some people should never be trusted to
bear children as exemplified by the behavior of those sharing the podium
in this event, expressing their vitriol with profanity and treasonous words
by some has been celebrities who came across like having mental issues,
needing psychiatric evaluation.

The annual "March for Life" is being shown as a sharp contrast in morality
and sanity in comparison.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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