Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do Liberals Have a False Ego Problem?

Liberals think they are better and smarter than most Americans because, according to them, they care more deeply about the environment, minorities, and human rights, when in fact, they really only care about themselves.

To listen to the liberals, anybody who opposes their agenda is stupid, a nut-job, a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, a Nazi or a Fascist, or a milder slur like just being called an idiot or moron. The main reason is that they really can't debate or justify their policies in a rational manner, therefore, they must minimize their opponents by calling them vile names and by making untrue statements to try to put the opposition in a bad light by verbally assaulting them personally (one of the rules of radical Saul Alinsky, from his book “Rules for Radicals”), thereby making them less credible in the eyes of the public, or so they think.

A good example of this tactic is in regards to “ racial profiling” was when former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law to enforce an Arizona immigration law a couple of years ago, to help them stem the flow of illegal aliens swarming over the border of Arizona, they (the liberals) immediately called the law “racial profiling”, even though the law specifically stated that law enforcement officials could not “profile” or question people unless they were stopped for committing another infraction or violation of law. The Democrats didn't care, even though most of them didn't even read the law, including the then Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, they, in their infinite wisdom, believed that the law was what they said it was, “racial profiling”. These same sanctimonious hypocrites, on the other hand, engaged in real “racial profiling” by labeling all the Tea Party protesters as white racists, anarchists, bigots, Nazi's, and local yokels and rednecks. According to them, if you attended or sympathized with the Tea Party protesters, you fit their profile and were eligible to be called one of those vile epithets. It is a fact that at most all Tea Party protest rallies no one was arrested and no damage to public or private was committed by the protesters. Compare that record of civility with the Occupy Wall Street and the Black Lives Matter groups to see the difference in conduct. If that isn't “profiling”, than I don't know what it is? Only people with a false ego could make the jump to that erroneous conclusion.

It's a shame when liberal Democrats have become so intolerant of views that differ from their own that they can't even celebrate a great moment in American history (like the Trump inauguration was boycotted by 70 Democrats). What is the driving force behind their “elitist” attitude toward their adversaries?

Another example of where their ego gets in the way of rational decisions, is in the way they proceeded to implement their pseudo- Marxist/Socialist agenda. Poll after poll had shown that the American people did not want the ObamaCare bill, but they (the Democrats with nary a Republican vote) shoved it down our throats anyway. In their self- aggrandizing way, they knew better than anyone else and it was just the stupidity of the people that influenced those negative poll numbers (remember the major architect of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, who said the public was too stupid to be told the truth?). The same is true with the other initiatives put forth by the Obama Administration, that the people have said they DIDN'T want, such as the Cap and Trade (Tax) Climate bill, the Card Check bill, which would have done away with “secret ballot” elections in union representation elections.

Only someone with a narcissistic personality and an inflated ego would impose his will over the common sensibilities of the American people and go against their wishes. Obama did that over and over again, without consulting Congress, by issuing “executive orders” which the courts shot down on many occasions as being beyond the scope of his authority.

So the answer to the beginning question is “YES”, the Democrats, and our ex- President, Barack Hussein Obama, do have a false ego problem that should have been cured, or set back, by a massive defeat of them at the polls on November 8, 2016, as the Democrats not only lost the presidency, but they also failed to takeover the Senate and the House, and the G.O.P. now controls 34 governorship's and a majority of the state legislatures. We Republicans would like to thank Obama for putting us in that favorable position. AMEN!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

The bad liberals are the ones who on a crowded beach kick sand in your face walking by you, or litter your neighborhood, or push ahead of you on a line, or talk loudly and suck noisily on candy sitting behind you in a movie theater. They consider themselves superior and don't have to respect your space; but if you dare say anything, what you say above, all kicks in.