Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Dark Collar Nemeses Within Our Society

We were making strides in race relations up until we voted for
change with the Obama administration. Sadly, progress in many
areas has deteriorated since then, broadening the gap between

A new category has appeared that I signify as Dark Collar Workers.
A none productive group competing with the White and Blue Collar
worker. They rely on entitlements and manipulation to exist, wanting
equal compensation as the working classes, with little or no endeavor.
You may know a couple of these groups known as Black Lives Matter
and Occupy Wall Street. They deem tradition a dirty word and a
Norman Rockwell image pornography.

If you have something they also want but can't have, they will damage
or destroy yours. If they can't have it, why should you?

They all seem uniform in their unattractive personal appearance and
no pride in maintaining their neighborhoods, whereas others who's
financial situation may be similar to theirs, take pride in themselves
and their property, conducting themselves with dignity.

The Dark Collar cloud that's been hovering over us for eight years
needs to be disbursed, to let the sunshine through to a brighter day
for all Americans.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Patriot_365 said...

Nice synopsis George. Look at Violent Riot breaking out at Berkeley.
Isn't that the Birthplace of the Free speech movement? Really! The Left is Violent as usual. Lock em up?

Morty Gold said...

The chickens are coming home to roost. Look at the riots at one of the most liberal campuses in the U.S. They (Berkeley) deserve to be trashed because they have fostered this kind violent protesting over the years. Free speech my ass, the only free speech they condone is speech which agrees with their left-wing agenda. How come only the lefty loons prevent right minded speakers from speaking at this campus and many others around the country? Conservatives are the real free speech people as compared to the fascist left wingers that abound at most colleges.