Thursday, February 23, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

    Where you aware. . . .     
that good ‘ol Barack Hussein Obama, Mr. Diversity himself, who was born and raised as a Muslim but as President of the United States, affected a Bible for the official photographers … and claimed to be a Christian but, never attended church services that we know of … and never celebrated Christmas in the White House … or so we heard, never exchanged presents at Christmas Time with his family … and ordered silence throughout the People’s House five times a day when Muslims take a ‘time-out’ to pray … and had symbolic Crescents installed around the interior of the White House to make Muslim visitors more comfy?  And provided prayer rugs … c’mon, really?
Plus, having drapes and other fabrics custom made with Islamic symbols and various other ‘accommodations’ to the so-called, ‘Religion of Peace’ that has been the excuse  for killing thousands of Christians, Jews and other ‘Infidels’ across the Globe since the 7th Century.  Had you been aware of this?  Had you read or heard any of this until the past week or so when the Trump transition team got a glimpse inside the White House and became aware of these hitherto, open secrets?  Who was aware of all this and who was either sworn to silence about it all … or intimidated into silence?  Somebody knew of course but, they risked their careers, contracts, opportunity for profit or quite possibly their necks, if they went public with this stealthy Muslim makeover.  
That’s the way of Islam; that’s the way of the disgusting Barack Hussein Obama.  He lies, deceives, obfuscates, confuses, diverts and generally operates behind a virtual screen of secrecy in practically everything he does – and practically everything he did while in the White House, all the while beating his chest about how transparently ‘He and His Government’ conducted the business of the Executive Branch. I will guarantee that he never consulted any Member of the U.S. Congress about this secret, unilateral conversion of the most symbolic residence in the nation.  I’m also certain that if he ever did consult the White House Architect, that person was bound and gagged with only his writing hand free to sign the necessary authorizations. The implied threats must still be ringing through the rafters at our sacred Presidential Mansion, the grey-smudged  White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.
Such is a part of the legacy of this anti-American reprobate that is unlikely to get much notice beyond what I have alleged here-in.  This Great Pretender did his Muslim best to destroy our history, our traditions, our Constitution, our functioning government, our economy, our mighty military, our Faith in ourselves and each other, our ethics and our moral codes. His misguided policies have placed this nation in untenable debt, have made us the laughing stock among nations and in every way possible, have worked to put us on the road to ruin.  He almost got away with it.  Thanks, Hillary.                 
        But mostly . . . “THANKS, DONALD”.                       MORT KUFF  © 12-19-2016    

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Bill Shapiro said...

There's one thing that both the Clinton's and Obama have in common, they were both born under the same sign..... FOR SALE!