Sunday, July 10, 2016

MORT’ meanderings

“This isn’t who we are”.
“This is who we are”.     
                                                                      -  Barack Obama
As a native born citizen of these United States in full possession of all my senses – and exercising my right as one for whom this Government is Constitutionally obligated to serve rather than dominate – I hereby instruct and issue a direct order to the current President (Barack Hussein Obama) to cease and desist using these two expressions, since he has proven he  hasn’t the slightest F’ng idea of what they actually mean.   
He is ignorant of factual American History and is committed to obviating The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Further, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and hasn’t the least interest in preserving the traditions of Liberty and personal freedoms that was the driving force behind the bold and courageous actions of the Founding Fathers who fought the British to establish those freedoms in the original 13 colonies.
Obama is committed to bringing about the tyrannical influence of radical, militant, Islamist ideology in this nation and that is the diametric opposite of ‘Who we are’.  When a president goes rogue and takes such obvious joy in mocking all the sacred bastions of independence and denigrating the freedoms for which so many of our fellow citizens have fought and died, he has forfeited any legitimate authority to direct the future of this nation.  Obama is who he is for sure but, he is for sure, no part of ‘Who we are’.

              MORT KUFF  © 7-9-2016

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Bill Rosenthal said...

Our illustrious president decries the racial polarization that has taken place in the U.S., but takes no responsibility for being one of the primary enablers of this polarization. He raciailizes every situation where a policeman has a confrontation with a black person, implying that the black person was unfairly targeted by the policeman because of his race. What rarely occurs is an over reaction by a cop, but it sometimes happens, and those cops involved are punished if guilty. Blacks killed by police represent 1% of total killings of black people. 97% of blacks being killed are killed by other blacks - where's the outrage by the sanctimonious liberals and the radical black power groups? If it wasn't for the police, no black person would be safe from the black gangs and mobs that infest their neighborhoods. Don't blame the police, blame the breakdown of the black family and the "see no evil" politicians who praise these anarchist radical groups and the phony "Reverends" like Jackson and Sharpton. Wake up black community, you have most of the blood on your hands and not the police.