Thursday, July 21, 2016

An “Amnesia Stonewall”!

How can so-called very intelligent politicians, who seem to remember anything that might get them votes, suddenly get a case of an “Amnesia Stonewall” when asked questions about certain situations by investigators pertaining to their jobs or positions that they hold.

As the F.B.I. continues its investigation into the use of a private e-mail server used by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State, the people closest to her (her aides) have had a problem remembering what they saw and heard regarding the e-mail matter. The phrases, “I don't recall”, and “I don't remember”, tumble off their lips when asked some very pertinent questions which they should have been able to answer with little or no problem. Do you think they might be covering up for their boss? This is a scenario just like the members of the Mafia have used when they were questioned about their unlawful activities. The phrase, “I don't know nuttin” was a common answer by the mobsters, most likely under advice of their lawyers.

The Obama Administration at the beginning of 2009 stated that they would be the most transparent administration in history, but its been one stonewall after another as the Obama Administration has erected roadblocks when they were asked about certain policies and actions that needed answers. Examples of this “stonewall” were the investigations into “Fast and Furious” (guns sold to Mexican drug cartels), the I.R.S. targeting of conservative groups by denying them a beneficial tax status, the Benghazi debacle (blaming a non-descript video as the cause of the deadly assault against our compound where 4 Americans were killed, including or ambassador to Libya) etc.

This practice of the “Amnesia Stonewall” is not new to the Clinton's. That's been their “modus operandi” ever since they entered politics in Arkansas, through their time spent in the White House, and up to the present day. Both Hillary and Bill could normally rattle off one statistic after another with precise accuracy, but when they were questioned and confronted with possible problems in regards to their actions and with interchanges and dealings with their political cronies, they suddenly had a lapse of recall and they stated that they couldn't remember, or in the case of their underlings, by the use of the 5th Amendment, which protects people from possible self-incrimination by answering questions about their involvement in the action being investigated.

Highly intelligent people who surround Hillary Clinton by the names of Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Brian Pagliano (the fellow who set up Hillary's unlawful private e-mail server), all have had extreme lapses of memory. The obvious conclusion, by these aides taking the 5th or by not remembering, is that they all had something to hide from the investigators or authorities. Unfortunately, it seems to have served the Clinton's well over the years. That's why they have been able to avoid “prison time” when lesser mortals have wound up in the slammer and, in addition, saddled with very large fines. (ex: former Virginia Bob McDonnell who is now waiting to serve a term in jail, and former Gen. David Petraeus who was found guilty of doing less than what Hillary has been accused of).

I guess you could say it's important to have friends in high places to help deflect the obvious “sins” that the Clinton's have committed over the years. It has also been beneficial for the Clinton's to have uncompromising support of the Democrat Party. It seems that the Democrats want to hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil, when it comes to Hillary and her husband Bill. It seems that party loyalty takes precedence over ethical behavior within the Democrat Party.

Yes, the “Amnesia Stonewall” is alive and well in Wash. D.C., and the Clinton's are poster people to show how to use it for their benefit, and how to avoid the consequences of their actions.

Conservative Commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Gary Goldstein said...

What if the shoe was on the other foot, and Republicans acted like the Clinton's have acted, don't you believe that the Democrats would be having a conniption fit? Bill and Hillary are just like Bonnie and Clyde, only without the guns.