Sunday, July 3, 2016

It Didn't Just Happen

It starts when waking up in the morning, when the rising sun from the east
paints the lingering clouds a fiery red, and then lighting up the landscape,
making you aware of your surroundings.

What you see are things that just didn't happen, but created by something or
someone that most of us on this planet have labeled God.

The beginning of everything is unknown, having mere mortals through the
ages, try explaining our mystery of life.

Repeating myself, it didn't just happen and speculating that there is a creator;
but then, who or what created the creator? The question gives rise to what
we know as religion. In theory, nearly everyone with human intelligence
want to believe in something. Even to the primitive.

I'm comfortable being Christian because the concept in its formation is peace
on earth and good will toward all men. Not all faiths are based on this premise
 and some have outcropped into sects that strayed from the nucleolus,
detrimental to their original purpose. Some of these sects rose through violence
and spread with force that has caused havoc and repercussions in many areas
of the world, with fury and devastation. Locally, violent anarchist dissidents
are invading civil disobedient demonstrations, who are minions of nefarious
 individuals; coining "Occupy Wall Street" and Black Lives Matter" slogans.

Human intelligence doesn't deter ignorance that befalls those easily manipulated
by authorities with evil in their heart.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Willie Cadegis said...

How come most of the Progressive, Marxist/Socialist, Liberal, Democrats think that we evolved from apes, then how come there are still apes?