Sunday, July 24, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

Obama steps out of the Anti-America / Pro-Islam closet and boldly proclaims:  
‘It’s radical Islam terrorism Folks, get used to it.’

C’mon now, of course he didn’t come right out and say that in those exact words.  But, he threw a hissy-fit and asserted that use of certain phrases and words would not have stopped the massacre in Orlando.  In charged rhetoric so typical of Obama, he pivoted from the clear facts in evidence, to blaming availability of guns to an individual intent on committing such a hate crime.
He followed all that by sending his toady Attorney General Loretta Lynch (Eric Holder, in drag) on a whirlwind tour of the Sunday shows, to codify his convoluted explanation. During her pronouncements at each of these venues, she advised the mass media why content of the phone call by murderer Omar Mateen during his bloody killing spree, would not be included in the official account.  Her take was that it would only encourage more self-radicalized, ‘lone wolf’ copycats to commit hate crimes however, the real reason for the erasure of this significant part of the story is that it could have a deleterious effect on the electoral hopes of Democrats. Shades of a former Sunday show cover-up by Susan Rice.  Does anyone recognize a pattern, here?
Obama has declared war on the reporting of facts that differ with his agenda; the use of terms he deems as derogatory to Islam; and he has issued a thinly-veiled threat to anyone who might be thinking about telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, regarding the horror that was the Orlando massacre.   
Obama leaves no doubt where he stands.  He hates our Liberty and the freedoms that are guaranteed to every legitimate citizen of the USA by the Constitution of the United States of America.  Further, that he is committed to Islam in every detail of whichever interpretation might be put onto that oppressive way of life. Frankly, my Dear, I don’t give a damn what he thinks – he stinks. .Beyond that, he can believe that the Sun rises and sets on his image – which I really do think he believes. The truth is, that from the outset of his time in office, it has been his intention to destroy this nation as it was conceived by the Founding Fathers – and he has come pretty damned close to doing it.  Except that for him, there is still that annoying, tenacious thing -  ‘right & wrong’.
The Founding Fathers had it right.  We have it right. Barack Hussein Obama has it all wrong, dead wrong, all the time. All his bluster, lies, colossal arrogance and smooth talky-talk can’t change that.  We’ll survive this election as we’ve managed to come through the nearly eight years of Obama’s diabolical misuse and blatant abuse of our First and Second Amendment rights.  We are decidedly worse for the wear but, we shall recover because we are Americans and we’re made of some pretty tough stuff.
All Obama has going for him is his classic case of Narcissism and a corrupted media.
He is a villain right out of ‘Dante’s Inferno’ and beyond all comparison.  He is a miscreant without a single redeeming feature.. It will take several generations for patriotic Americans to get his stench out of their nostrils.  We on the other hand, shall win because our hearts are true and our cause is just.  If you do not share this same philosophy then, go vote for Hillary – not only more of the same but, much worse.
Here’s my take:  May all true Americans who have boundless faith in their Faith and in their Creator, be blessed with living to see and enjoy a rebirth of this nation as a nation that is universally rededicated to the tenets of The Constitution, as originally conceived.
If it works out that this can only be possible without the presence and misguided influence of Progressives (meaning those dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and any turn coat Republicans-in-name-only), then that is the price we shall have to pay.  
Where do I sign up?

                  MORT KUFF  © 6-20-2016

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