Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Blessing in Disguise

Who would be the easiest candidate for Donald Trump to run against – you guessed it - Hillary Clinton. The decision by F.B.I. Director James Comey actually did Donald Trump a big favor by not recommending that Hillary Clinton be indicted. Now, she will remain the candidate with the known fact that she was “extremely careless” (i.e. grossly negligent) in handling classified and top secret information by using a private e-mail server against State Department rules and protocols. If you were a candidate to lead the greatest country in the world, having this determination by the F.B.I. hanging over your head, it would be very damaging to any candidate, even a “teflon candidate” like Hillary Clinton.

This decision by the F.B.I., by not following through on the law that is on the books, shows that our laws are applied unequally, depending on who your are and who you know. It seems that Director James Comey lacked the “cajones” to do the difficult task of applying the law in a fair and impartial manner, even after he laid out a damning case against the activities of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but before he stated that he would not recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton to the Attorney General. It's like saying a woman is a “little bit” pregnant, either she is or she isn't, the same with the facts as Comey laid out in detail. He choked up.

It was quite apparent to most every fair-minded person, that for the past year and a half, that Hillary did all the things that she was accused of doing, and it was validated by Director Comey, short of pressing for an indictment. It seems to any “reasonable” person that she dodged a bullet (again) by not facing a felony charge and possible jail time, but she has now being portrayed as being incompetent to be president of the United States. Imagine a U.S. president not being able to exhibit good judgment in the conduct of the office? Is what she did with her e-mails a window into how she would act in the Oval Office? Is that what we need , in these perilous times, someone who makes decisions in such a reckless , careless, negligent manner as she did?

It will be interesting as to whether or not the voters will give her a pass come election time and forgive her for her lack of judgment. From this moment on, it will be Donald Trump's election to lose. Let's hope he takes advantage of this opportunity of this “blessing in disguise” by sticking with the main issues confronting us as a nation which are the economy, terrorism, and border control.

Hillary Clinton might have won the battle, but she is going to lose the war.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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George Baker said...

Hillary Clinton is so dishonest that you couldn't believe what she says are lies. The legend is that George Washington never told a lie, but in Hillary's case the facts are that she couldn't ever tell the truth. Is this the kind of person we want to be president of the United States?

Salty_Dog said...

Obama recently said Hillary is the most qualified presidential candidate in history. Well BO is right if he means the most qualified to finish what he started with the destruction of our Country. She is most qualified if you believe what Obama believes to have the prerequisites to be POTUS. To Lie often and have major corruption from the EPA to IRS to DOJ to the FBI.