Sunday, June 12, 2016

MORT’s meanderngs

HATE. Always more than enough to go around.
It seems to me that unmitigated hate has spread like a cancer that has metastasized to every fiber in the fabric of humanity, worldwide.
While there have always been pockets of hate and there have always been individuals and groups that were particularly virulent in their hateful activities – the widespread dissemination of this sickness today, has been increasing exponentially, at an accelerated rate.
When comparisons to Hitler and Nazism become mundane, we know there is a problem – and it isn’t a small one. Whenever and wherever abject hatred is recognized as having become the order of the day in a society – as is the current condition in the Middle East, Europe and in many other parts of the World -  it must be confronted and dealt with decisively and at once.    Whatever it takes, it must be done!
This condition is rife today and is in large part, directly attributable to the  most radical elements of the Muslim-Islamist total way of life that is both political and religious.  It preaches hatred and extreme violence against anyone who is not already a follower of their belief system or, who does not convert to it.  They are particularly hostile toward Jews and Christians, as their favorite targets for extreme acts of violence.  
They unabashedly declare that it is their ultimate objective to subject the entire population of the World to live under the tenets of radical Islam’s punitive Shariah law – clearly, it is their intention to dominate and enslave the entire world.    They live to HATE.    Any questions?
          MORT KUFF   © 3-11-2016 

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Joe Balige said...

Political correctness has handcuffed us in our war on terror. To fight a war on terrorism it requires infiltration, interception, detention, and interrogation, all of which are required to prevent another catastrophe, but our "Liar in Chief", Barack Hussein Obama, has undermined all of those anti-terrorism requirements. You have to wonder which side he is on? He gives every indication that he is a Muslim sympathizer, if not a full blown Muslim. Something smells rotten in Denmark.

Gary Goldstein said...

The expression that all Muslims are not terrorists, but most all terrorists are Muslim, really hits the nail on the head. What part of the Koran do its moderate (is that an oxymoron?) followers believe that makes it a religion of peace? Is it where women are made subjects of men, that homosexuals and infidels (non-Muslims) are to be killed, that it's O.K. to lie to non-Muslims if it benefits Muslim doctrine, that petty crimes call for cutting off of hands and limbs and on occasion even heads, and men can marry girls as young as 9 years old, etc., etc. Is that what you call a "moderate" doctrine that points to a religion of peace and tranquility, or is it a violent theocratic political ideology? Jesus and Moses were champions of peace, Mohammed was a champion of murder and mayhem. There is no moral equivalency between those religions.