Sunday, June 5, 2016

Flexibility is Necessary to Maintain Existence

Tall buildings and skyscrapers are engineered to sway slightly
in a high wind. The reason...resistance to a strong wind can be
damaging to the structure and in some cases, cause it to crumble.
Flexibility is necessary for maintaining existence.

Extremism in either party follows the mantra of "my way, or
the highway." This creates gridlock and nothing gets done. There
is Republican voter anger when their representatives give in to
the Democrats without reciprocity as would be when the other
shoe fits the hard nose Republicans doing the same thing.

In a fervor to alter the wrongs of the Obama administration, many
are reaching for an outsider to lead us, hoping to change business
 as usual. Let me remind you, Fidel Castro was an outsider and see
 what Cuban zeal got them.

Let me also remind you, Reaganistic flexibility works. That's when
to know to give some and when to close shop before everything
collapses around you. Compromise is not a dirty word when each
walks away with something. Not like the asinine agreement with Iran,
Obama Care and other bone-headed deals backed by Democrats.

These examples are what happens when the opposition is shut out
with no compromise, leaving the majority of the people disgruntled.
Outsiders are untested. Barack Obama may have been considered
an insider, used by his liberal ideologues because of his color, but in
truth he was an untested outsider, community organizer, whose
incompetency has been revealed and proven by the dire shape our
country is in.

Trump-ets blaring, confetti falling like snowflakes and
outlandish speeches by the chameleon can be entertaining placating
the anger, but the solution sounds boring and the remaining sixteen
fell victim to this odd campaign phenomena.

On the Democrat side, the self-serving, infatuated one with her self,
 who is riding her husband's coat tails has been tested, serving in the
senate and as Secretary of State. Her performance was never stellar,
but noteless, undistinguished with possibly facing impropriety charges
for endangering the security of the nation.

The young who have no idea what socialism is, along with minorities
 playing the system, are responsible for the fruitless high ratings reflected
by the Santa Clause from Vermont. Illegal intrusion over our border is
beginning to change the demographics of our country and Socialism is
not something to think can't happen in this country. Witness the
globalization of Europe and unfettered border control.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Jim Landis said...

Venezuela is a perfect example of what happens to a country that embraces Socialism. Tremendous inflation, dire food shortages, even a lack of toilet paper, and suppression and jailing of your political enemies are all part and parcel of this flawed economic system. Unfortunately, our young people have bought into the "free stuff" appeals of Hillary and Bernie by being indoctrinated by the overwhelming influence of liberal teachers in the public schools and colleges and universities. As Winston Churchill once opined; "If you're not a liberal by the age of 20, you have no heart, but if you're not a conservative by the age of 40, you have no brains".