Sunday, June 26, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

 Here are things that gall me, no end.
The image of Obama mincing down the stairs of Air Force One and returning the sharp salute from the squared-away Marine standing at attention, with a sloppy, girly-salute  that is obviously a meaningless, throw-away gesture meant only for the White House photographers. Knowing how vehemently this Commander-in-Chief openly despises the Military, it is tantamount to a slap in the face of every man and woman on  active duty and every veteran, by this hypocrite who bows so deeply from the waist and so reverently to the vicious, anti-Semitic, anti-American Royals in Saudi Arabia.
The farce of Secty of State John F. Kerry, being lauded by the Liberal press as, ‘The highest-placed official in this Administration to visit Hiroshima’, the site of the first atomic bomb dropped on Japan, that led to the end of WWII in the Pacific.  Kowardly Kerry spent 4 months in Viet Nam, carrying a rifle and a video camera to film himself,  braving the flora & fauna of the jungle.  Then, his disgusting performances upon his return home to heap kudos upon himself and his three unsubstantiated Purple Heart Medals with endless appearances on TV, spouting a string of fabricated narratives about atrocities he witnessed first-hand so he says, perpetrated by American soldiers.
The image of Meddler-in-Chief & Faux Diplomat, Barack Hussein Obama and an  enormous entourage of family & Government flunkies, popping around the world in Air Force One, like a story-book Potentate with his Palace Guard & Court Jesters - on a non-stop series of Fool’s Errand trips all across the Globe, to apologize for anything he can think of, all at the cost of many, many millions of taxpayer’s dollars - with nada, absolutely no valid reason for any of it.
And, the most egregious, disgusting image of all  -  This pitiful excuse for the Head of State of these United States, presenting himself to the people of Hiroshima and ripping open the scab that it has taken 71 years to be formed over the horrors that attended the dropping of ‘The Bomb’ in 1945.  Despite reports that he won’t, I am willing to bet that he issues some kind of apology or makes a mockery of the facts that led President Truman to okay the use of this ultimate weapon of destruction – in the sure knowledge that if it did indeed, work – it would most likely end the war with Japan. We know that it did work.  The Japanese people know that it worked.  The rest of the World knows that it worked.  None of this matters a damn to Obama.  He is working on his legacy and anything he thinks can add even the tiniest bit of luster, regardless of what he has to do, regardless of what he has to say – and regardless of the cost to the American people and the legacy of the United States, you can bet your bippee, he will do it or say it.  And, if it chafes relations between the U.S. and Japan, that’s O.K., too.
         MORT KUFF  © 5-23-2016

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Gary Goldstein said...

Suppose the shoe was on the other foot, if a Republican had a pitiful non-record like Hillary, the loony Dems would be wetting their DEPENDS in exposing those illegal and immoral activities. But, since party affiliation takes precedence over righteous behavior, they conveniently overlook her indiscretions and self-serving activities. If she ever became president, who would believe what she would say or do? We would be electing "grifters" of thee worst kind. That includes her horndog husband "Slick Willie".