Thursday, June 16, 2016

For Every Promise There's a Price to Pay!

The Democrats (represented by Hillary and Bernie) have been making promises that, in practicality, cannot be fulfilled by either of them if either one gets elected president. They are the epitome, or poster people, of the “Free Stuff” Party (a/k/a the Democrat Party).

Both Hillary and Bernie have never held a private sector job or position, on a regular basis, where they had to hire and fire, meet a payroll, and to make decisions about making a profit (profit to them seems to be a dirty word). They have been sucking on the government “teat” most all their lives, but they claim that they have the knowledge and experience to turn our economy around (I thought our economy was booming according to Obama?), without any business experience whatsoever (I guess they are following the Obama model).

Hillary has been riding the coattails of her husband (a/k/a Slick Willie) for over 30 years, and Bernie was without a permanent job up till the age of 40 when he was elected Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and he has been on a government payroll ever since.

Look at what these two politicians are offering the electorate. Free college tuition, relieving college graduates of their student loans, free health care, and free this and free that, all being paid for by the government treasury even though we are approaching $20 trillion of national debt. Their proposals would add another $19 trillion to the national debt making us likely to have a massive default which would put us on the road to becoming a third world nation. In addition, both of these spendthrift politicians want to raise the minimum wage by federal decree. They don't realize that that policy would cause more unemployment, which in real terms is over 10% now. The people they are claiming to help, the first time worker or the unskilled worker, would be the worst hit because many businesses would be unable to meet that increased payroll mandate. Besides, it would have a “ripple up effect” for workers already employed. Wouldn't these people who are starting out in the workforce and seniors supplementing their incomes, be better of being employed at $8.00 per hour rather than unemployed at $15.00 per hour? The social consequences of having more of our youth unemployed, would be a social disaster, as many will turn to crime or have to go on the government dole to make money.

These two Marxist/Socialist presidential wannabes, don't realize that every promise that they make there will be a price to pay, and it won't be pretty. Suppose they were using their own money instead of the government's money (our tax dollars), do you think they would be so generous in offering the “freebies” they are touting to the voting public just to get their votes? Is the Pope Catholic?

This whole manner of making promises you can't honestly fulfill, reminds me of a third grade election for class president, as the winning student candidate runs on the platform of “free candy” for all if he/she is elected class president. The same with Hillary and Bernie. If either gets elected, the country will be the loser as they will be creating a bubble that will have to burst sometime in the future. So, my friends, don't fall for these offers of something for nothing, the price we'll pay will be catastrophic.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Lou Plante said...

Here's a quote I came across by an unknown author, it goes like this: "A definition of a Socialist is a Communist who hasn't amassed enough power to nationalize your stuff, while promising to give you other people's stuff". Think of all the young people who say that they believe Socialism is better than Capitalism, it just shows you that our educational system has and is failing us as a nation. Our country became the most prosperous country in the world by espousing free enterprise capitalism, not Marxist/Socialism, as our lefty leaning teachers and professors have slammed into the heads of our mushy head students in their classes. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.