Sunday, June 19, 2016

Islamic Twigs in the President's Family Tree

Liberals have a knack to come up with mendacious slogans, to
put forth their agendas. A prime example is, "hands up, I give up!"
is a description of something that never happened. "Black lives
matter" is the deception to depict eighteen year old 6'5", 289 lb
Michael Brown, a felonious bully as an innocent child.

The latest open border farce is, "build bridges, not walls!"
The families of the many slain Israelis and those of the victims in
Paris and Brussels who were murdered because of globalization
wouldn't agree. Kate Steinle would still be alive if that bridge to
sanctuary city, San Francisco was torn down.

These are divisive vehicles borne from a weak leader's ideology,
who doesn't heed the advice of knowledgeable experts, but
continues to pursue failed tactics, pandering to his liberal base
and entities profiting in his sympathetic stance on their behalf,
who counter our country's interests with dire results.

The President's mindset and whom he has endorsed to replace
him, bear the responsibility for the Boston marathon bombing
and San Bernardino and Orlando massacres that happened on
their watch.

It's the failure of his administration to identify and separate the
renegade factions from mainstream Islam and treating it as a whole,
that brings fearing it would offend all Muslims, by criticizing the
radicals. The President's family tree with Islamic twigs appears to
show proclivity to Islam and lame action.

It is also the failure of mainstream Islamists to denounce Sharia
tenets and political intrusion contaminating good intentions that
shown at Mohamed Ali's funeral.

Cancer cannot be destroyed with an aspirin and a Band-Aid. It can
only be eliminated by aggressive attack. Unwilling to act by the
liberal establishment, offering containment as treatment will
leave the terror continually open to flare-ups down the road.
Political correctness stymies solutions by negating profiling as a
tool to pinpoint the culprits, used effectively by Israel's security
forces at airports and check points.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Marvin Schrader said...

Why is it O.K. for the Obama Administration to bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims, but go after, with a vengeance, Christians and Jews? Is there a hidden message in his actions? Remember, up till the age of 12, Obama went to an Indonesian school where he was enrolled as a Muslim. The next religious experience we heard of is that he was joining the racist, anti-American church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. What religion did he practice from the time he left Indonesia till his going to Wright's church, could he have been a Muslim for all those intervening years? I think he is today a "closet" Muslim. That's why he apologizes about the U.S. and refuses to admit that there is a radical group of Muslim terrorists. His actions speak louder than his words.