Sunday, May 15, 2016

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The ‘Bernie & Hillary’ Show.
Indulge me as I shall intentionally waste the time it takes to address the gullible loons who comprise the audiences that attend the ‘Bernie & Hillary’ show.  A game show with no surprises or prizes.
It is a conundrum wrapped in a quandary that is inexplicable – how and why so many otherwise seemingly ‘normal’ humans can be so seriously separated from their senses when it comes to slavishly following such oblivious Pied Pipers of Nonsense as Sanders & Clinton.  For anyone to listen attentively to these two for more than 60 seconds is to come to believe that you have lost your mind or your hearing – or both.
These two aliens from Space have one attribute in common - they are able to dispense a stream of tripe, hype, trivia & hogwash for hours on end, with no visible effort.  Apparently, it comes easy to them to drone on endlessly with faux emotion and enthusiasm that is manufactured on-demand.
They make one begin to think in terms of ‘Term Limits’ – not merely for elected office holders but, for certain human lives on this Earth.  I for one, would not miss either Bern or Hill if they were to show up missing for the next 3 or more generations.
Hark!  What is that ruckus I hear in the wings?  Oh, oh.  It’s Biden, Bloomberg and AlGore warming-over their failures -  just in case.  Let’s hear it for the Democrat Partythey never fail to disappoint.

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Jerry Goldbaum said...

It seems that the Democrat candidates are making a rerun of that movie, "Dumb and Dumber". Can you believe that both Hillary and Bernie have zero private business experience, but they are trying to tell us that we should elect them to bring about economic prosperity? That's where the citation of dumb and dumber comes into play. It's like the blind leading the blind.