Sunday, May 1, 2016

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The word ‘Terrorism’ is banned from use by the Public Relations geniuses in the State Department. There are other ‘unacceptable’ words that have been banned by the deniers in our Federal Government.  This president won’t  utter the words, ‘Militant or Radical Islam’.  His very own Teleprompter is prohibited from showing them.  WHY?

What is wrong with these Obama-banned words that we are told, are now ‘unacceptable’ words?  Why are they banned?  Who gave Obama the right to exercise his personal control over the universal English language that this nation and the Western world use to communicate freely just as they have for hundreds and hundreds of years?  Who gave him the authority to redefine words as he has done continually since the day he falsely swore to ‘protect and defend we the people and The Constitution of The United States of America? The fact that he has the unusual faculty of being able to talk out of both sides of his mouth does not confer upon him the right to diddle with our spoken language.
As a native born, legal & legitimate citizen who has worn the uniform in defense of this country during wartime – none of which this president can claim and actually prove, I do   believe that I have far more right than he does, to ban the use of words that I consider to be ‘unacceptable words’ or ‘undeserved titles’.  So, here’s a partial list of the words I have herewith, banned from use:
President.  Commander-in-Chief.  Secretary of State.  Ambassador.  Homeland Security. Democrat. Liberal. Progressive. Reid.  Pelosi.  Schumer. Hillary. Clinton. EPA.  TSI. Michelle. Madame Supreme Court Justice.  IRS. NSA. All female Department and U. S. Agency heads. (Yes, I said it.)  The names of all Muslim advisors in this administration – every single one.   The names of Jessie Jackson, Louis Ferry-can and Al Sharptongue. Black lives matter.  Infidel. Mastermind.  Workplace violence.  All Obama sicko-phants whether in or out of Congress. Entitlement.  Foreign Aid.  Immigrant.  These aren’t all but, they’re a start.
                                                                                 MORT KUFF  © 11-23-2015

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James J. Pirretti said...

I am so sick of these PC terms. Undocumented worker = illegal aliens. Hate speech = anything libs disagree with. Fetus = unborn child. Sensitivity training = brainwashing. Assistance = welfare. Gun control = ban guns. Free speech = preventing others from expressing contrary speech.