Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is Cranial Rectal Inversion?

Cranial Rectal Inversion (CRI) is a malady (disease) that is mostly contracted by liberals who have their heads so firmly planted up their butts, it is unlikely that they'll ever have another rational point-of-view. It is in most cases, incurable, and they can transfer it to other liberals whom they intermingle with.

The symptoms are very numerous, but I'll try to enumerate the ideas and policies associated with this malady, which causes them and their fellow liberals to be afflicted with this disease.

First off,. The liberals that are infected are in favor of, open borders and giving amnesty to illegal aliens, the more the better; they favor taking money from the rich and giving handouts to the poor ( free stuff); they favor unfettered abortion up till the time of breech (in other words, late-term abortion); they call Wall Street “evil” while taking in millions of dollars in campaign contributions from those very same financial institutions; they believe in same sex marriage and gender neutral bathrooms and shower rooms; they believe in appeasing our avowed enemies while “dissing” our friends ( like Israel); they want to take away the firearms of law abiding citizens while they release thousands of criminals from our jails and prisons; and they turn a blind eye on the corrupt activities of the Clinton's (ex: the Clinton “Crime” Foundation) and their loyal cronies (a/k/a liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Socialists).

There are many more symptoms as to why the liberals are infected with CRI, but we don't have time or space to enumerate them all. You could say that they have their heads so far up their butts, they can chew their food on the way down, to add to the earlier definition at the beginning of this Pulitzer prize winning editorial (there's no conceit in my family, I have it all).

The cases of CRI sort of escalate generally around the time of an election period. To try to counteract this malady, they (the Democrats) trot out the usual verbal garbage their sleazy focus groups tell them to use to try to slime their opponents (the Republicans) as it has worked in the past. They say Republicans are anti-woman; anti-black; anti-Hispanic; anti-poor; anti-abortion; anti-gays, lesbians, and the new favored class, transgenders (which make up ½ of one-percent of the population) etc. , but it doesn't seem to help them get cured, in fact, it makes their condition much worse.

Just listen to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both of whom have advanced cases of CRI, and it gets worse each and every week they campaign. Whoever gets the Democrat nomination (most likely Hillary, if she doesn't get indicted in the meantime), their cases of CRI will be non-reversible and they will have to bear the agony of being terminally irrelevant, much to the chagrin of Barack Hussein Obama and Debbie Wasserman-Schmutz (her real name in Yiddish).

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

When your head is up your giggy, your view of everything is shitty.
That is why progressives can only spew liberal turds in oratory that stink!

Ray Jacobson said...

You can't motivate a liberal to help him/her to try to reverse this malady (CRI), because motivation alone is not enough. If you have a liberal idiot, and you motivate him/her, you now have a liberal motivated idiot. Lord knows, we have too many now.