Sunday, May 8, 2016

Erase the Blackboard and start with a clean slate

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, is not and can never be a statesman, unless he changes his style. Coming from the same place, but for the difference being, his neighborhood had Estates added after Jamaica, I think I can comment accurately.

By spreading my wings, living in other parts of the country, I was able to shed the New York City metropolitan area gravitational pull of language and values that others find crass, pushy and obnoxious.

Local denizens try to cover it up with citing the handling of the Trade Center tragedy. Although heroic, it isn't unique to New Yorkers, but compassion that will and has been replicated in any city or town in America, when the people come together in humanitarian effort.

I hope Donald Trump will drop the childish way he conducted his primary campaign, that I presume was meant to reach the worm brain populous, living in "Watters World", and who are allowed to vote.

He will be facing Hillary Rodham Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee, who will be a formidable opponent, because of her similar questionable methods he uses in a dog fight. He in business; she in her self-serving gain.

As I was writing this opinion piece, John Kasich was suspending his bid to run for his party's nomination for president. From the original seventeen, I hadn't settled on any one choice; but after listening to Governor Kasich's suspending notification speech, Donald Trump will be doing well to take heed of this man whom he smeared for his eating habits, and try to emulate him for his eloquent manner by respecting this quality man.

Focus must be on the consequence that will befall the nation if hard nosed idiots stay home and not vote for Trump because they didn't get their way. Talking about childish. A spiteful myopic view is more than the presidency!It is keeping the majority in both houses, and most important, preventing a radical liberal supreme court that can change the face of America.

In spite of their short mindedness, these stay home pseudo conservative minded idiots are making a choice, even without voting, by handing it all, to whom they claim is their nemesis.

Populists and conservatives have to speak with one voice if they are to erase the last eight years and rebuilt our country to a kinder, gentler, safer and prosperous one.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Anonymous said...

We have a communist running as a Socialist, a Socialist running as a Democrat & a Democrat running as Republican. Great job for Leftist Voters, while most of you Republicans bendover again for the Lefties.

And it is a great plan for you to insult those of us with conservative values to get us to vote for your disgusting, flip-floping candidate.

George Giftos said...

You don't get it! You're backing liberal leftist democrats by staying
home. It's like one more vote for them, dummy! You are the one bending over.
Is that why you are nameless?

Chuck Lehmann said...

What grabs me is that these people who claim to be "pure conservatives" (like anonymous above) are the same people who were backing the do-nothing Republican Congress these past 4 years, were those conservative actions? Trump favors closing the border to illegals, do conservative Republicans agree to that? Trump wants to appoint to the Supreme Court clones of Scalia and Thomas, are those conservative actions? Trump want to lower taxes on business and middle-income taxpayers, are those conservative actions? Trump want us to be energy independent, and is is in favor of the Keystone pipeline and fracking, are those conservative actions? Trump wants to take away funding to "sanctuary cities", is that a conservative action? Trump want to get rid of "Common Core" and let the states run their own education policies, is that a conservative action? So you can see, Trump embraces most all conservative policies and he gets slimed as being a liberal Democrat. Get a grip anonymous.

littlehome said...
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