Thursday, May 5, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton the Great G.O.P. Unifier?

We can all agree that the state of the G.O.P. is presently in shambles (the Democrats are also facing similar problems) and it looks like, at present, the party will not come back to unify for the general election. But, one thing is in play that could bring some semblance of unity back to the G.O.P., and that is, Hillary Clinton. The question could then be asked, “Is Hillary Clinton the Great G.O.P. Unifier”? In other words, do the competing G.O.P. factions “hate” Hillary and the Democrats more than they “hate” Trump or Cruz. That's going to be the $64 question during the campaign season.

This has been a highly emotional campaign with the “establishment” at odds with both of the leading insurgent candidates representing the Republican Party. For whatever reason, the party “elite” do not like Trump or Cruz, but a silent revolution has taken place by the rank and file Republicans whereby they are rebelling against the “perceived” do-nothing hierarchy of the Republican Party. Many grass roots Republicans feel that the Republicans elected to the House and Senate, with a majority, have not held Obama's feet to the fire like they should have and that they have acquiesced to the Democrats on most main issues. They wonder why, with the Republicans winning big in 2010 and 2014 along with most of the state governorships, they couldn't or wouldn't halt the illegal actions of Pres. Obama?

Now, the two front-runners of the Republicans are, what you might call the “anti-establishment” types, and the RNC leaders seem to feel they are threatened. Rightfully or wrongfully, the different factions are at each others throats. Is there anything that could change this situation?

The one major factor, as I alluded to before, that could bring the different factions to their senses is the name, HILLARY CLINTON.

When push comes to shove, whoever the G.O.P. candidate is, Hillary might just be such a galvanizing figure as to bring the factions together for the good of the G.O.P. and the country as a whole.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most polarizing figures in politics today. She is looked upon by the citizenry as being a liar, being dishonest, and untrustworthy by over 60% of the population (a recent Quinnipiac poll). That includes not only Republicans, but a good percentage of Democrats also. She and she alone, could be the catalyst to bring common sense back to the Republican voters and others, in order to bring a Republican victory in November.

To the straight-thinking G.O.P. voters, a Hillary victory (if she is still the candidate after the F.B.I. gives its report to the Attorney General), would be a continuation of the failed policies of the Obama Administration. The policies that dominate Republican thinking such as bringing back jobs to the U.S., curtailing illegal immigration, nominating Supreme Court nominees, having a “fair” trade policy, and tax reform, will not be fulfilled or instituted by a Hillary Clinton Administration, which fancies itself as a clone of the European countries, economics and policies. So, both antagonists within the Republican Party might have to take a deep breath and vote for either Trump or Cruz ( at this writing it looks like Trump has the advantage).

So, in conclusion, I believe that common sense will take over and the vast majority of Republican, Independent, and conservative Democrat voters will join together and vote for change to “Make America Great Again”, and that means voting for the Republican candidate. When that happens we all could thank Hillary for being the great unifier of the Republican Party.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Ray Jacobson said...

Are some Republicans that stupid that they would actually vote for Hillary Clinton because they or their candidate didn't win the G.O.P. primary? If only for the fact that Trump said he would nominate a clone of Scalia or Thomas to the Supreme Court, should be enough to vote for Trump over the "congenital liar" Hillary Clinton. Three or possibly four openings on the Supreme Court might come about during the next four or eight years. Kiss our democratic republic goodbye if the Democrats get control of the presidency and the Senate. Don't cut off your nose to spite you face.

Samms said...

You Establishment RINOS got your man now with Trump. You are getting behind your Progressive Democrat and want all of us to drink the kool-ade. Bahhhaaaha

Chuck Lehmann said...

My dear Mr. Samms, maybe it is you who is drinking the Kool-Aid? For all practical purposes, whether you agree with the outcome or not, Donald Trump got the most votes and delegates in the G.O.P. primary. Now you must decide whether you will support someone you don't agree with 100% or are you going to put your tail between your legs and vote for Hillary or not vote at all. Either way, you waste your vote. I'm sure you agree with Trump on most issues, so therefore use the Reagan 80% rule and vote for the candidate you can agree with on 80% of the issues as compared to his opponent whom you agree with 0% to 10% of the time. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face A win by Hillary will be four more years of Obama, God help us. And don't forget the Supreme Court. Trump has promised to appoint a Scalia clone to the Supreme Court, that should be the deciding factor for the survival of our country.