Thursday, March 31, 2016

The “Empress” Has No Clothes!

Hillary Clinton has been exposed as being out of touch with the electorate, especially young women, by turning far left in her views in order to get the votes of the left-wing of the Democrats, which seems to control the party today. She is trying to “Out Bernie” Bernie (the avowed Socialist) in her rhetoric directed to the Democrat base. Do the people believe her or do they just judge her as being an opportunist who will say and do anything just to get votes? Most Democrats in New Hampshire by a margin of 9 to 1 think that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy as compared to her opponent Bernie Sanders, according to exit polls.

I'm sure the Democrats are ruing the day that they prematurely anointed Hillary as their standard bearer for president for the 2016 election. With all the scandals surrounding her (Benghazi, private e-mails, and the Clinton Foundation), unless the Republicans commit electoral suicide, she will be toast in the general election, even if she survives the F.B.I. Investigation.

A recent Quinnipiac poll asked people to mention the first word that comes into their mind when a name is presented to them. The three top answers when the name Hillary Clinton was posed was #1 – Liar, #2 - Dishonest, and #3 – Untrustworthy. These answers were verified by the Democrat voters in New Hampshire by voting for Bernie Sanders in a landslide. Quite an indictment of her and her candidacy.

If she didn't carry the name Clinton, she most likely would have been relegated to the scrap heap of history from the beginning. She feels that she is entitled to the Office of President and the Democrat establishment was blinded to her invincibility as the rightful heir to continue the policies of the eight years of Obama. I'm sure the powers-to-be in the Democrat Party are now having “buyers remorse”, in that they put all their eggs in one basket in the person of Hillary Clinton. Ironically, the Bernie Sanders candidacy, in which he was supposed to be a “stalking horse” for Hillary to make believe that she was not to be coronated by the Democrat establishment, has backfired. Alas, as what is happening, Bernie has struck a chord with many Democrat voters who are looking for an alternative for an ethically wounded and challenged candidate, Hillary Clinton.

If, after the over 100 F.B.I. Agents come back with evidence that crimes were committed by Hillary, she will have to drop out and an alternative candidate (I don't believe it will be Bernie) will have to be called out of the bullpen to carry the Democrat torch in the November election.

Whether or not Attorney General Loretta Lynch proceeds with a request by the F.B.I. to indict Hillary (word is that Obama will direct her not to proceed with an indictment) the leaks that will seep out and will be enough to kill her candidacy for president. She will then be exposed as the “Empress with no clothes”.

If Hillary prevails in her quest for president, the words of columnist Doug Giles seems to be prescient. He said, “The lazy barbarians with their gargantuan entitlement mentalities, are at the gate and they sure as heck don't want to be weened anytime soon from the government teat of mediocrity”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Robert Sagers said...

There is a joke phrase going around that answers the question of when Hillary lies.....the answer is "when she opens her mouth". Can you imagine that a person with the reputation of being a "congenital liar" could possibly be elected President of the United States? How could she negotiate with other countries if they don't believe what she says? As flawed as the Republican candidates are, they are not being investigated for crimes by the FBI. There's a good chance that the FBI will request the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to proceed with an indictment of Hillary. If she refuses under direction of Obama, all hell will break loose, then it's goodbye Hillary.