Sunday, March 27, 2016

Square Peg in the Oval Office

How many times have you bought into something that
has failed to perform as stated in the advertisement?
In this election cycle, extreme caution must be taken
to determine who you want to be the leader of our
country, requiring effort to inform yourself about the
candidate, rather than rely on emotional hysteria to lead
you into your decision.

People cheered when Fidel Castro seized power away
from notorious dictator Fulgencio Batista, dubbing him
champion of the people; but in truth, he was a wolf
dressed in sheep's clothing, who decimated the middle

President Barack Obama may not be a wolf in sheep's
clothing, but the end result is similar. The decline of the
middle class, due to demagoguery and putting a square
peg in an oval office.

I cheer Donald Trump for shunning political correctness,
but wary of the costume he is wearing, or whether he
will be another square peg in the oval office. Un-fit!

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Rudy Stansel said...

Never has a political candidate been subjected to such a negative onslaught as Donald Trump has endured during this primary season by his fellow Republicans. Some of it has been because of his own rhetoric, but the comments by so-called "establishment" Republicans have been over the top and conducive to a Democrat victory in November. How stupid can these Republicans be, a Democrat victory in November would be a disaster. Most of Trump's positions are mainstream Republican positions. Should we throw that all away and elect another Marxist/Socialist to the White House? Whatever differences you have with Trump, he is head and shoulders more preferable than what the Democrats have to offer. Get real Republicans.

Lew Stein said...

Talk about a limp wrist (the cartoon shown). Does that show the true nature of Obama? There have been rumors, you know. Google up Barack Obama, Rev. Wright and the "Down low" club in Chicago. Quite revealing.