Sunday, March 13, 2016

Math is a precise science in logic

Help me here 'cause I can't get a handle on Progressive Liberal logic.
For argument sake, there is the outrage over a dead lion and the predictable
celebrity protesters against using lab rats and other animals in experiments
to find cures and benefits for improving the quality of human life. Yet for
them it is permissible to terminate the life of a human fetus, to harvest its
organs for monetary profit for the same purpose. A termination that might
have given us another Einstein, Gandhi, Mozart or Martin Luther King, Jr.
Just to throw it in for another argument, doesn't a black fetus life matter?
Another bone of contention is the illegal criminal alien intruders they refer
 to as undocumented Americans, sheltered in sanctuary cities, mainly run
by Democrats.

I can't believe in four years, a Secretary of State never had classified material
in their communications, yet Hillary Clinton claims that all of her emails,
sent exclusively through her private serve, never contained classified items.
How can that be? I'm sure there must have been some transmitted by her
unsecured computer, or how else could they have gotten from point A to
Point B? Was Ambassador J. Christopher Steven's assassination caused
 by this?

Was her staff separating her private correspondence from government
emails cleared to handle top secret documents? I'm sure she didn't go
through thousands of emails herself, taking the time away from being Hillary.
The latest release of delinquent emails included a personal medical account
that she was physically fit to be president. There was no psychiatric evaluation
of her mental state to be president.

Math is a precise science in logic and the way her followers calculate her
qualities and ability to become president just doesn't add up.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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