Thursday, March 24, 2016

Black Votes Matter!

We've all heard the misguided phrase, by the black radicals, that “Black Lives Matter”, but after listening to the Democrat candidates for president, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, that phrase should be changed to “Black Votes Matter”. Both of them seem to be pandering to the black community in order to get them out to vote for them, come election time.

These two “Progressives” (a/k/a Socialists) not only seem to try to “out pander” each other about who is most able to meet the needs of the black community, but to all minorities in general. Of course, all their complaints are directed at the “evil” Republicans, who, they claim, are keeping the minorities down, and therefore, they would be the one's who will stop the assault on the minority communities. How absurd that a major political party (the Republicans) would purposely “throw any citizen under the bus” thereby alienating a large group of potential voters?

Those minorities have been mostly voting for Democrats, in fact, the black voters vote 90% or more for Democrats, and the Hispanic community votes around 75% for Democrats. I dare say, that these minority groups have been voting against their own best interests for lo these many years. What has the Democrat Party actually done for them for their undying support? Has the Democrat Party really lifted them up, or has the Democrat Party just been interested in getting their votes? The answer is obvious.

The passage of the “War on Poverty”, under Pres. Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats in 1965, was supposed to lift the minorities and poor people out of the“grasps of poverty”, but it seems that these “meaning well” pieces of legislation have caused many more problems for the minority/poor population over the past 51 years.

Some people have said that the breakup of the black family can be directly traced to the passage of the “War on Poverty”, whereby today, over 70% of black births are to unmarried black women with no father in the home, who then have rely on the government for subsistence (ex: housing, food stamps, pre-school and other welfare benefits). Most all of this legislation was pushed forward to fruition by the Democrats, mainly thinking that were helping the poor minorities and others. But, this legislation and government policies, have kept the blacks on the government “plantation”, thereby controlling their actions by controlling their lives. Generations have been hooked on the government “freebies” given out to the minorities/poor under the guise of helping them.

A major conundrum that has occurred is that the minorities and poor continue to support and elect political candidates who have kept them down ( the Democrats) over the years, thereby keeping them in poverty. You could say that the Republicans have been derelict in their duty of not being able to educate these people to see the benefits of the economic policies of the Republican Party, which will help them in their pursuit of living the good life, separate and apart from government handouts.

Yes, the pandering Democrat candidates are using that “something for nothing” appeal by twisting the meaning of “Black Lives Matter” to spin it to “Black Votes Matter”. Shame on them.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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James Dunlop said...

Pity the poor black people in America, they are so put upon that they have the Presidency, the Attorney General, the National Security adviser, the POresidents chief aide, other cabinet posts, and several czars to give aid and comfort to the president. There's a whole bunch of black congressmen who vote in lock-step with the president and much of the government workforce is black. They've accomplished that by being only 13% of the population. Look at your T.V. and the commercials, I dare say about 50% have black people in them. The richest woman in America is black, Oprah Winfrey. Also, look at all the welfare programs that were mainly set up for the black community. Besides, in many cases, once you hire a black person you can't fire them because you might get charged with discrimination or fined or imprisoned for being "racist" (not doing a competent job doesn't count anymore). The black people have also been given preferential treatment in school admissions while other races are turned away because of their color or ethnicity. So, when you hear the black rabble-rousers whining about their lot in life, just point out these facts and tell them that they are lucky to be living in such a great country, the U.S.A., as compared with the countries of their heritage.