Sunday, April 3, 2016

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The Presidency:  
It seems to be getting ‘more worser’ all the time.
Whenever I’m at a loss for sufficiently pungent language to express one of my rantier rants, I can usually find it in a resurrection of some of the popular idiom from the days of my ‘yoot’ in East Baltimore. Hence, a description such as ‘more worser’, used in the title of this piece.
The current embroilment that is taking place instead of an orderly, rational political process leading toward the upcoming presidential election, is as violent, as dangerous and certainly as frighteningly unpredictable as was the ancient eruption in Italy, of Mt. Vesuvius.  And I fear, the results might prove to be equally as horrific.
Once this new nation ran through the initial series of Presidents who were numbered among the original men who participated in gaining our freedom from the oppression of the English King George III, who then went on to found these United States of America, the well seems to have run dry of such extraordinary men. From those days to the present, there has been scarcely a handful of men who rose to anything approaching the character, quality, insight and courage exhibited by those Founding Fathers.  With rare exceptions, we’ve  had a litany of duds & disappointments along the way.  The outstanding example of a man for his time was of course, the singularly unique President since George Washington, Abraham Lincoln.  
While the hum-drum, run of the mill presidents have slipped from active memory into near oblivion in the annuls of U. S. History, the batch beginning with Woodrow Wilson has included some real doozies. When one recalls the presidencies and administrations of Warren Harding, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and currently, the ‘very-worst-of-the-most-worstest’, Barack Hussein Obama – and then contemplates the present group of  totally ‘unacceptables’ running for the top elective office – it is enough to make one itch over every inch of one’s body.
Prayer for Divine Intervention is in order, unworthy though we surely are, due to our inane obsession with something-for-nothing as promised by a variety of Pied Piper misfits. If we are to survive as a free people, the next president of the United States had better be a cut above the ‘more worsers’ with whom we have been plagued over the past three-quarters of a century.   Vote with extreme care, my Friends.
              MORT KUFF   © 4-3-2016

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Murray Rosen said...

How long will it be before liberals will admit that Obama was a mistake? How will Democrats stand up to terrorists when they can't even face Fox News?