Sunday, March 6, 2016

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Cloak & Suiters:  There was a time . . .
when a majority of the Jewish emigres from Europe, considered themselves fortunate to find employment in New York’s Garment district . . . sometimes called, ‘The Needle Trade’.  Often, the garment workers themselves, were referred to as, “Cloak & Suiters’.
Today, some 4 to 5 generations later, the descendants of those hardy people who earned their daily bread as ‘bushel-men’, hand-stitchers or by working 14 hr. days seated at a sewing machine, are no longer obliged to slave away under sweat-shop conditions.  
Today’s Jewish Americans have moved beyond the Garment Trade, having earned college degrees and secured employment in every aspect of today’s American economy, becoming doctors, lawyers and accountants or, entering into the fields of technology and business.
Some, have taken advantage of their success in professional careers and have chosen to run for elected office, seeking to serve as representatives of their neighbors and constituents.  Public service is a noble objective however, it is a totally different kind of occupation, unlike  any other type of endeavor. It requires strict adherence to the principles set forth in our most sacred document, the Constitution.  This document contains the guide-lines for governing our nation, at all levels.  Most oaths taken by public servants include the phrase, ‘ – to protect, preserve & defend the Constitution of the United States of America’.  It requires a very strong sense of patriotism, an unshakeable dedication to personal ethics and to the principles and tenets contained in that document.  Plus, one other critically important trait - that is, a deep and abiding sense of Faith in the Creator, from whom all our rights are derived.
This nation was founded upon the principle of citizens being elected by their peers, to serve all  the people for whom this government was founded.  Over the course of our two and a quarter centuries of existence, this experiment has undergone some significant changes.  That is to be expected however, the concept and the original intent has remained the same.
One of the not-so-good changes has been the notion that citizens serving in elected office have forgotten to serve a term or two and then, return to their civilian lives.  That idea has evolved into lengthy careers with some Legislators becoming permanent fixtures in the halls of the U. S. Congress.  The two party system and the vagaries of self-interest have also affected the concept of individual service and have instead, succeeded in diverting far too many public servants into becoming party hacks who put political party above patriotism and their sworn duty.  Hence, where we once had a majority of Jewish Cloak & Suiters, we now have way too many  Jewish TurnCoats & Unsuitables.  Sadly, the majority of these delusionals answer not to their constituents but, to the Democrat leadership in the Congress.  Barf, and barf, again!
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Judge Jeanine; Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant
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Gary Goldstein said...

Ask any Jew, or anyone with half a brain for that matter, if they think that Hillary is a truthful or trustworthy person? I'm sure they will hesitate because they don't want to make a judgment about another person, but if they are honest with themselves, they would have to answer "NO", she is not truthful or trustworthy. I guess, in some of these people, the Democrat gene is so firmly implanted in their DNA, and by their upbringing, they must vote for the Democrat or they will go to hell.