Thursday, May 14, 2015

Is Pamela Geller a Hero?

It seems that both liberals and conservatives champion free speech, but if that free speech comes in conflict with their views, some seem to do an about face in denouncing the free speech of others. So it is with the “free speech” of political gadfly, Pamela Geller.

For years, Pamela Geller has been a forceful, outspoken critic of radical Islam, and it has caused her to have a “fatwa” (a Muslim death sentence) put on her head for her outspoken views. You'd think that right-thinking people would be heaping praise upon her for telling the truth about the evils of radical Islam, but just the opposite has occurred in the aftermath of her cartoon conference in Garland, Texas. Although most of her critics say they favor the 1stt Amendment, they put the caveat on their support by claiming that Pamela Geller is nothing but an opportunist, a provocateur, and a person who needlessly and knowingly put other people in danger. Really?

Pamela Geller is just as anti-Muslim as is talk show host Bill Maher, but the difference is that Pamela Geller is on the political right and Bill Maher is on the political left. Therefore, she is called a vicious hate-monger and he's an amusing free-thinker. A double-standard to say the least. We all know (or should know) that liberals are champions of free speech unless that free speech goes against their liberal orthodoxy (ex: global warming, same sex marriage, fracking etc.), but when you have conservatives like Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Greta Van Susteren etc. come out to criticize Pamela, it is a little disconcerting, to say the least.

Is or should Pamela Geller's judgment and wisdom be in question in sponsoring this event depicting cartoons about the Muslim prophet, Mohammad? Since much of the criticism is against her and not the Muslim terrorists who came to commit wanton murder, you wonder if the Islamist apologists have won or are winning the propaganda war? Pamela didn't invite those terrorists to come and do harm to her and the conference attendees, they came, with malice in their hearts, to avenge their “peace-loving prophet” Mohammad. Since when was criticism of anyone or anything deserving of a death penalty? Only a fanatical “politically correct” nut job would sanction such a policy as that. The militant Muslim community has done just that.

Let's speak truth to power and stop the knee-jerk reaction of blaming the messenger and not the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Pamela Geller might not be the most erudite scholar of the Middle East or Islam, or not the most couth defender of the 1st Amendment, but give her credit for standing up for the principle of free speech at considerable personal risk to her own life and limb.

So, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with her methods of exposing radical Islam, she should be considered a hero for speaking out for what she believes, and shutting her up would cede the moral high ground to the evil Jihadists who want to dominate the whole world under their oppressive Sharia Law. We must stand up for people like Pamela Geller otherwise we will become like the sheep going to slaughter because we didn't want to offend against the evil theocratic, political ideology (Islam) that is trying to force their ideology down our throats before they slit them under the name of Allah.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Lowell Meyer said...

Mohammad was a thug, a woman abuser, a homophobe, a butcher of people, and these loons will condemn Pamela Geller for pointing that out? How sick is our society becoming, especially the liberal left part. I guess party affiliation is stronger than their moral compass of what is right and wrong.

Chaloh said...

People like Shep Smith, Bill O’RINO, Ingraham & Trump simply refuse to acknowledge that Islam is at war with the non-Muslim world. America is it's biggest enemy.

barenridge said...

We can't agree with the cowards that want to give up their free speech for sharia law. So I say right on Pamela.

Tom Ballard said...

You throw a mean curveball, Chuck. Some batters would swing at it.


Idolmaker said...

Pam Geller’s main point is that she disapproves of political Islam in about the same way Bill Maher does, except that her politics skew right while his go left. Therefore she is a vicious hatemonger whereas he’s an amusing freethinker.

Mervyn said...

Just look at America’s college campuses where the intolerant (leftists) victimize the tolerant and attempt to eliminate free speech. Pamela Geller is a champion for freedom and a true patriot. As a real American, I am proud to support her cause.