Sunday, May 17, 2015

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We’ve reached ‘The Point of No Return’.
Following Charles A. Lindbergh’s epic flight in 1927 when he was the first to fly the Atlantic Ocean, solo, non-stop from New York to Paris, aviators became aware of that point in trans-Atlantic flying, known as, ‘The Point of No Return’.
That meant, the point at which the fuel supply calculated to allow the pilot to reach his destination in Europe or return him to a safe landing back in the U.S. became one and the same.  To proceed beyond that point in the planned trip, meant, there was no turning back.  
Today, we citizens here in the United States of America who are concerned with the imminent threat of ISIS terrorists and others who mean to do us harm, should  know that,   ‘WE HAVE REACHED THAT POINT OF NO RETURN’.   We cannot go back to where we were before ‘911’.  We can never return to the false comfort of that delusionary mind-set that made us feel secure because of the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean that separated us from the bad guys in Europe and the Middle East. To quote a cartoon character from the 1930’s, “Them days is gone forever!”.  Let us not delude ourselves for one moment longer.  Awaken to the danger.
Our mortal enemies and they are many, have one objective in common – they want to destroy our Liberty and take complete control of our nation and its people by something known as, a ‘Caliphate’.  This term goes back to 1614.  What it means is that nothing less than world domination by the followers of Islam is their goal.  And, they are driven by their ideology.  
Radical-Militant Islam fully intends to take over the control of America by one of two tactics or,  by a combination of both.  1. Stealthy integration and the gradual imposition of Shariah law across the land until they gain their objective or,  2. a campaign of vicious, blood-thirsty mayhem & murderous attacks on men, women and children in this country that will force the populace to submit to Islam’s takeover.  Make no mistake, the wheels are turning –
             The bad guys are already inside our gates; they are here – NOW!
So, this is Paul Revere riding hard and shouting the warning.  Do not turn away.  Never, ever presume that someone else is going to protect you.  Do not think it can’t happen here.  Do not poo-poo efforts to take pre-emptive action to protect us – that’s all of ‘us’.  Act as if the goons are coming up your driveway right now – because they are.  Get educated; take a crash course in radical Islam.  Listen to the experts on what’s happening as we speak.  And for the sake of reason – DO NOT COUNT ON SELF-CENTERED, ELECTED DEMOCRATS TO PROTECT YOU.   Do you want to see who can protect you?  Look into your mirror.  Time to Wake up, America’.
               MORT KUFF    © 5-15-2015

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Matt Collins said...

I believe that most Democrats know that Hillary "Ma Barker" Clinton is a flawed candidate, but they have put themselves in a bind by not having any alternative candidate warming up in the bullpen. They will support her no matter what as they do not want a Republican elected even if that candidate is the better candidate.