Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Disease That Must Be Dealt With

We are facing a danger that will sweep the world worse than the plague. Every effort must be exerted by every civilized society to recognize the destruction it will cause if we don't eliminate it before it gets a foothold, causing a mammoth disaster and uncontrollable destruction. I'm not referring to the EBOLA virus. This deadly disease is known as SHARIAH, and the Typhoid Marys designated to spread the disease are radical Jihadists, who transform Islam into a psychopathic religion. This Muslim cancer will metastasize in our Constitution if we do not out law it now.

The sponsors of Shariah law condone homicide, evidenced by the beheadings shown on the Internet, of innocent, unarmed, non combative souls, whose crime was to provide humanitarian assistance and news. We are a nation of laws, manifested against the abuse of women, children and murder, respecting the rights and human dignity of its citizens, and freedom to worship without coercion on anyone.

The purveyors of Shariah are an abomination to the human race, so the first amendment should not apply, because Islam is not a pure religion, and in many cases a form of government that shouldn't afford them protection against discrimination, allowing them to carry out dastardly acts on us to conform to their ideology.

Human sacrifice is a primitive ritual that had its day in the age of ignorance. It persists today in the form of suicide bombers, by influencing the weak minded imbeciles, who can easily be manipulated by self serving Imams and Mullahs, promising 72 virgins awaiting them in paradise, instead of teaching them about loving one wife and rejoicing in their daughters.

Misguided entities such as the ACLU, who may file a law suit on behalf of Islam, should instead fight relentlessly against Shariah as it does against the display of the Ten Commandments, Crucifixes such as the cross on Mount Soledad in La Jolla; backing condo commandos against the American flag and school boards against the pledge of allegiance.

It's clear what has to be done to save the world from itself, but there is more to fighting radicalism alone. The Neville Chamberlain mind set still exists and political correctness persists, to stifle attempts requiring the proper action for a solution.

In a card game, you can't reveal the hand you're holding and expect to win. Keep your cards close to your vest and determine whether to hold, pass or raise the ante is a strategy to keep your opponents guessing. Giving them your intentions before the next card is dealt shows them you are a green horn, and open to a fleecing by card sharks. Lacking concentration on matters at hand, the stack of chips in front of the President is vanishing and it's time to heed the advice from his experts and not rely on gut feeling, that offers flip-flops only and not boots on the ground.

Derelict governments bred complacency that led to two world wars. To head off a third one, the President and Congress need to come together for joint legislation to out law Shariah and set example for other nations to follow, so that rogue organizations and their splinter groups like ISIS can never be a menace or ever become a threat again.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Ray Jacobson said...

Why does Pres. Obama always seem to praise Islam as a "religion" of peace, but always seems to accuse the U.S. of being less than the pre-eminent country of the world, that it is? Is he a self-hating American? Brutal atrocities are being committed all over the world by groups proclaiming that they represent Islam and our wuss leader can't bring himself to call these butchers terrorists. It seems that he has a learning disability and is blinded to the facts by his liberal/progressive ideology.