Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Odor of Trash

STAMP OUT SINGLE MOMS! That bumper sticker statement,
pertaining to the unwedded, is a first step to stop violence
destroying the heart of our cities.

The core of it is the low mentality of the participants rioting,
not protesting, who set on fire and loot the very sources that
can lift them out of their despair and hopelessness. Strangling
the breath out of businesses serving their neighborhood, deterring
others from coming into their city, to build up the community and
create jobs.

As witnessed on TV, a mother confronting her son for participating
with the mob during the Baltimore criminal mischief, I saw no
fathers! By shear numbers of children in these families, one can
ascertain there are more fathers running around or incarcerated,
than there are mothers. This is not necessarily a condition wholly
prevalent in a homogeneous community.

Black trash is not a term ever used for fear of racial back-lash; but
it shouldn't be used solely to describe whites for mental and moral

There isn't sufficient exposure for examples of successful black
Americans who broke the victim excuse espoused by Al Sharpton
and Jessie Jackson, who have contributed so much to our country's
greatness. Instead the focus is on entertainers and athletes of
obscene wealth. But it doesn't immune them from being termed
Black Trash and White Trash.

Idolizing thugs with rap sheets a mile long is sick. A prime example
is former black panther cop killer Muma Abu-Jamal, who is a folk
 hero to many of so called protesters who cause turmoil in areas
 where there are many decent people who are handed the dirty end
 of the stick. It happens when pseudo liberals interfere in matters that
 require morethan emotion.

These do-gooders have contributed much to the decline of our moral
fiber in their advocacies, and the loss of our nation's Judeo-Christian

Those mired in places like Watts, Ferguson and Baltimore can never
hope to free themselves when their vocabulary is limited to the "F"
bomb when spoken with every other word they use in a sentence

Conservative column from George Giftos

Fox’s Jeanine Pirro: Sharia Law Is Coming for Your Free Speech

This Video shows Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro opening her show with a denunciation of those
 criticizing Pam Geller. The Judge warned that the liberal reaction to Pamela Geller’s event
was the first step towards a contraction of free speech protections in deference to Islam.

“For the first time I’m worried about whether or not the president’s so-called politically
correct culture will restrict our free speech in line with Sharia requirements,” she said.

“I have long predicted this administration will cut back our speech if it offends Islam,”
 Pirro said. “As sure as I’m talking to you, there will be efforts to limit our First
Amendment, our free speech, to comply with Sharia blasphemy laws, which call for
 death to those who slander the prophet Muhammad. Imagine, a nation founded on
 Judeo-Christian ethics changing the rules for a Muslim prophet!”

Judge Jeanine went on to say “The First Amendment, besides giving us freedom of
speech, says that Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion,
” Pirro continued. “Which means I don’t have to live under any religious rule, especially
 one that tells me not to criticize someone else’s prophet.”

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