Sunday, May 3, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Someone.  Anyone. Please bring the Mayor of Baltimore up to speed.
It would be a genuine public service if someone, anyone – were to take on the task of bringing Baltimore’s Mayor, the Honorable Hyphenated-Whatzername up to speed regarding a few pesky facts about modern communications technology.  It is apparently, a subject that is simply too far beneath her dignity for her to attempt to comprehend.  As she so eloquently phrased it, “It’s Been a long day.”
If someone, anyone – would have the ‘legal standing’ to approach Her Royal  Madame Mayor and ‘esplain to her that there is now a device known generically, as a videocam – that has the technology to accurately record a person’s image just like a regular camera, but it can also record the actual sound of one’s voice simultayshiously, as one makes extemporaneous pronouncements in front of hundreds of witnesses at a public gathering.  
It is an unalterable fact Madame Mayor – that on that infamous first day of the recent, shameful riots in Baltimore, your face and your words were recorded in their entirety,  captured verbatim, precisely as you appeared while uttering them.
If that video were to be played back in its entirety, without editorial alteration or diddling of any sort– it would be impossible to either misconstrue what you said and how you said it - or take anything out of context.  Your image and words are cast in concrete.  Like it or not, they are here for the ages.
It gives this old Baltimorean pause to ponder just how in Hell you plowed your way through the dozens of positions as a public functionary, as they are listed in your Oh-fish-U-all Biography, without being aware that what you say and how you say it in a public forum can be video-recorded and can come back to bite you.
You really can’t be that damned dumb, can you?  Can you, Madame Mayor?

            MORT KUFF   © 4-29-2015

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Wayne Wilson said...

Can you believe the incompetence of the Mayor of Baltimore in how she handled the race riots in her city? What a joke, she bemoaned the fact that the authorities should not tale it out on the youthful looters and arsonists, but didn't even bemoan the fact that over 100 law enforcement personnel were injured even they were ordered by the mayor to stand down and not protect the businesses of her city. How come most of the trashed businesses were minority, non-black owned businesses? Wasn't that a form of racism? The double-standard was plainly in force in that troubled city. Shame on all city officials.

Slim said...

The vile Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings thanked the Nation of Islam for their support? The Bloods and Crips made sure to direct the THUGS to Businesses owned by Asians, Whites and Arabs. They aren't racist are they?