Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson Lost

There is no doubt in my mind, if the Ferguson bully was white, the mainstream
media wouldn't devote even two lines or thirty seconds reporting the incident.
Bullies come in all colors and all sizes, but if the liberal press thinks it won't rile
the public, it will remain local, of interest to no one.

Stirring the pot to cause racial divide sells newspapers and boosts ratings and
circulation, especially for dying networks and newspapers. Legitimate news
sources are forced to join the fray in order to maintain some sense of honesty.

Everyone opposed to the Grand Jury outcome were prejudgmental; many
swayed by nonfactual reporting and inborn prejudices. What occurred in
Ferguson and other urban areas after the decision that turned protest into
violence and destruction, is caused by the ignorance of some blacks,easily
manipulated by charlatans like Al Sharpton and a racist Attorney General, plus
the President's pre beer summit comment that the Cambridge police acted
stupidly when they arrested the black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
who appeared to be breaking into a residence that turned out to be his house.

These radical liberals are aware of the vulnerability of the poor, school drop
out, uneducated druggies, to use as they see fit, for advancing their personal
agendas. It worked to get a second term for Barack Obama and for economist
Jonathan Gruber to deceptively put over a forced, faulty and expensive health

When the black community lacks traditional families, out of control child
pregnancies, disproportionate crime rates, black on black homicides, disregard
for law and order and chip on the shoulder attitude, it is a self created profile.
These delinquencies have collateral effect and reflect unfairly on the people and
families who walk the line.

It is time for those who don't, to clean up their act. It is time for the leaders in the
community to stop enabling them by keeping the wounds of past injustices open.
It is time to heal.

Conservative article by George Giftos

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Stan Haas said...

There are none so blind as those that will not see. Isn't it amazing that even after all the facts have come out and the details laid bare and the grand jury found no evidence to indict Officer Wilson, the "low information" citizens will still not accept the facts? If we ever let the mob dictate how our laws should be interpreted, we will become a lost nation. Al Sharpton is a pariah and should be banned at the White House (wishful thinking).

Seasoned Veteran said...

Obama & Holder commanded the police to behave themselves. The police behaved, and look what happened. The obama supporters terrorize the city. Some might get a slap on the wrist.

Winston said...

Obama & Eric Holder stoked racial division, strife and anger in Ferguson. BHO told his thug supporters to "stay the course" which in their warped minds means more violence.

Jojo in Texas said...

When Obama made public statements supporting Trayvon and Michael Brown, he degraded himself, the office of President. He stoked the fires of an ignorant, violent, racial mob. If Obama did nothing else illegal, disgusting and unwise during his presidency, this alone should prove his hatred for White Americans.

RebeccaH said...

Obama keeps the fires burning in Ferguson so the sheep are not noticing his lawless immigration scandal or the corrupt obamacare tax.

Morning Blogger said...

Why isn't it called racism for Michael Brown to attack and steal from an Indian Store owner? Yet the race baiters say it is racist for a Police Officer to protect himself from a DEMONIC Thug?
Mr. Giftos is correct, Holder is a racist!

SheboyganNews said...

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke told a FOX interviewer yesterday that Obama indirectly encouraged the riots in Ferguson Missouri. Sheriff David Clarke is black and a Democrat yet can see the destruction of America under Obama.

Say no to Hillary said...

The real root causes of Violent Crime with Black Kids is the breakdown of Marriage, Family and Community. Too many people forget that Trayvon Martin and Brown started attacking other people and were only shot because of their own violent behavior.

Anonymous said...

keep up with the blogging for America

Mike OBrien said...

Obama can build his library in Ferguson. They'll have to add a few wings in the beginning, They'll need an entire wing devoted to race baiting, another for lies & deceit, a third devoted entirely to shredding "The Constitution of The United States of America"

LB Langley said...

The Black Rioters burn their own stuff down because they know the government will build them a bigger and better one at our, the working tax payers expense! These lifelong Democrats have always known how to work the system! Get everything for nothing! It's their way of life!

Dootell said...

Just wait until the "Internet Neutrality Act" is proclaimed by executive order and you guys are no longer free to point out the absurdity of the MSM and democrats.

Bobby G. said...

All my worse fears were confirmed when Obama was back in Office for 4 Years with Holder. Ferguson will be the norm of the country soon.