Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Country Without Borders...........

A country without borders is not a country, it is just a way station for anyone who wants to settle here. We are now being inundated with an influx of illegals, with a substantial number of them children, from Central and South America, unescorted by their parents. It shows, that contrary to the Obama Administrations pronouncements that the border is mostly closed, the word has gotten out in those poor countries that the U.S. is planning on granting amnesty. Obama has promised as much in his public pronouncements, but it seems that his words were geared to appealing to the large Latin population in our country which the Democrats covet at election time. Could it possibly be politics, on the part of our government, that is driving this blind eye to the influx of illegals? What do you think? Is Nome, Alaska cold in the winter?

If you want to have a sensible immigration policy, you must make sure that our border is closed to unfettered breach by people illegally entering our country. The open border advocates use emotion and “false” compassion, to demonize those who want to bring sanity back to our immigration policy. Most of the illegals come from Mexico and Latin America, but we also have found that many come from countries in the Middle East (mainly Muslim countries). Who knows how many may have ties to Al-Queda and other militant groups who want to do us harm? It's not only an immigration problem that we face, it is also a national security problem.

By not securing the border, which by law the country is supposed to be doing, we have also caused a national health problem. Cases of T.B., STD's, measles etc. (which had been mostly eradicated in the United States) have been shown to be turning up with some regularity among the illegals. Once these sick illegals get here, they are given free health care and other welfare benefits that the sanctimonious government do-gooders provide. If you disagree with their agenda, you are called bigots and racists and are put on the defensive.

What's going to happen to these thousands of children being “dumped” in our country? Would it not seem reasonable that their parents are waiting in the wings to join their children in the future, thereby getting “safe haven” in our country at our expense. Is that fair to the American taxpayers?

The Democrats will exploit this situation to insure future election victories, as over 70% of illegals who will get amnesty (eventually) will generally vote Democratic.

So, to reiterate my opening - a country without borders is not a country (as we know a country should be). We can't continue on this path or we'll become a third world country like many of the illegals are fleeing from now.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Ray Parcells said...

Everyone knows that this influx of illegals was orchestrated by the Obama Administration to give impetus to "amnesty" legislation that will be brought up before Congress. In fact, back in January the apparatus to handle the future influx was put into place, therefore, this didn't come as a surprise to Obama as he so often claims when public opinion goes against his policies. What this feckless President will not do to further his agenda, is beyond comprehension. Jimmy Carter is happy to have his title as the worst president in modern times, be given to Barack Hussein Obama.