Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our President

Recently I heard a comment on a call in radio show that said "we should give President Obama a chance.  That he has done a good job of running the country."  It became obvious that Obama's supporters don't care what the facts are; no matter what he says or does he "is doing a good job."  I tried to be objective and tried to run down some of the things he has done, something that would show true leadership.
Here's a partial list of what I came up with:
  • Foreign policy.  Never in the 20th or 21st century has the U.S. been less respected than today.  Putin thumbs his nose at us.  Obama draws "red lines" that nobody pays attention to.  Obama claims the Taliban is in decline but it is taking over much of the Mid-East.  And to think the dummies at the Nobel Committee awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize when he did nothing to earn it.  Obama visits foreign countries and begs and pleads that leaders will follow his direction.  They smile and do nothing he asks for.  Even the leaders in Afghanistan and Iraq laugh at him.  It's as if foreign leaders see a "kick me" sign on Obama's back.  Does any right minded individual think that JFK, Reagan, the Bushes, or LBJ would be treated with less respect and power than Obama?  In fact, the ONLY president who was as inept was Jimmy Carter. 
  • Scandals.  Never has a presidency had more scandals with less being done about it.  Watergate resulted in investigations and prosecutions.  But under the Obama leadership and Attorney General Holder immunity from any investigation or prosecution is the norm.  Guns go to drug lords in Mexico with no results.  The IRS goes after conservative groups with a vengeance and the head of the IRS leaves her office with nothing but praise from Obama. I guess under Obama discrimination only occurs if the groups being investigated are of the liberal persuasion.  Veterans die while waiting for medical care while illegal immigrants - or in the current PC parlance undocumented aliens - get free medical care.  Thousands of people cross the border every day and once they arrive here they are given benefits that citizens don't get.
  • The economy.   We are into the second term of the Obama presidency and the economy still sputters.  Obama stalls the Keystone Pipeline and other energy initiatives that would create jobs while he gives money and subsidies to solar and other green companies that fail and/or do little for job growth.  The wind farms and solar panels kills thousands of birds but this "environmental president" is given a free pass.   Many individuals have been so long without jobs they are no longer counted in the unemployment figures.  According to Obama this is good news since they now have more time to pursue leisure activities and be with their family!  To compensate Obama offers more welfare and food stamps to individuals.  His solution to the lack of jobs is to raise the minimum wage so that even more individuals will be out of work. 
  • Unbridled power.  Never has a president exceeded his powers as given to him under the Constitution as Obama has.  Czars to run the economy and our lives are appointed without any vote in Congress.  Executive Orders come out whenever Congress disagrees with him.  His gifts to labor unions and those who favor him are numerous.  Eric Holder uses extortion to force policies he thinks are right on companies by constantly suing or threatening to sue them.  For example, we are told that since African-Americans have lower credit scores and more defaults than others, it unlawful to use such criteria when making loans. 
  • Obamacare.  A 2,000 page law is pushed through without our representatives reading it.  We are told that we can keep our insurance policies, our doctors, our hospitals, and that our insurance premiums will go down.  Need I saw more about those lies?  However, after Congress passes the law and it goes into effect, Obama by Executive Orders changes the law and assumes the role of Congress.  Parts of the law are put on hold and other parts are changed by regulations and Executive Orders.  Never has an imperial presidency been evident as has taken place under this piece of legislation. 
I could go on and on but you get the idea.
However, there have been some positives under the Obama administration.  He has taken at least 17 trips to improve his golf game.  Why the Presidential jet resulted in him getting some personal instruction from Tiger Woods!  The first dogs have provided a job (over $100,000 a year) at tax payer expense so that they can be trained.  The First Lady and family have taken some of the luxurious trips at taxpayer expense to foreign countries. 
Conservative commentary from Jim Pirretti

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Art Hein said...

Obama's America wouldn't just welcome your TIRED, your POOR, your HUDDLED masses, it would create them (and has)!