Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obama the dangerous mesmerizer


It's not unusual, during the 15th or 16th innning of an extra innnng ball game for ballpark patrons to go home and for viewers to shut off their sets and go to bed. The longer the game drones on, the more interest is lost. Stretch out a speech and eyes begin to close.

That's Obama's successful technique in treating every one of his scandals. His disappearing birth certificate and passports, padlocked college grades, Fast and Furious, the Fort Hood shootings, the NSA and IRS scandals, Benghazi, Syria bombing threat, Iran nuclear negotiations, the VA and now the trade of five notorious terrorists for a possible military deserter. Stretch out the situation until it is replaced by another one and people become more and more immune to his skulduggery and intent. Now we hear, "Well, he's only got two and one half years left." In reality, that's time enough for: irreparable damage to this country, the demise of Israel, the threat to the world from a nuclear armed Iran and of course, the breakout of Radical Islam across the globe. His timing and operations have been perfect.

Obama's "failings" are not due to his malfeasance or incompetence. Rather they spotlight his intelligence, fortitude and brilliant planning to achieve his goals of the destruction of whatever he deems not within his blueprint for a controlled globe under the domination of totalitarian Islam. Those who understand his background, including a mother and father infatuated with Communism, grandparents who moved to Seattle so that their daughter, his Mom, could attend the Little Red Schoolhouse, his Muslim parentage, a childhood in Islamic Indonesia, his being tutored and nurtured by Frank Marshall Davis and finally, his subservience to Rev. Wright, a Communist radical with an Islamic history and bent are a collection of situations that clearly have produced an individual with a ruthless, brilliant mind who will not let anyone or anything stand in his way of achieving his goal.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao, his predecessors of a sort, ruled by the totalitarian sword. Not Obama. He has taken control of the government by seducing loyal Americans that he was a new kind of leader. One with visions of "social justice," reliance on negotiations not the ruthless military. He smiles, walks with a strong cadence, soothes us with a cool voice and manner while using a magician's imagery and sleight of hand to convince us to dispense with reality in appraising his duplicity. He is a master hypnotist and mesmerizer. And we are his laboratory subjects.

Hopefully, we will awaken soon and come to our senses that we are in deep danger with this man of a thousand ideas and plans for their fulfillment.

Conservative commentary from Alan Bergstein

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Phil Turfano said...

Great article Alan, you've got him pegged just right. This so-called brilliant guy (as described by his Obama Zombies)seems to have a new scandal every other week, and what's amazing, he tells us he knew nothing about them, it was someone else's fault, he only read or heard about them in the newspapers or on T.V. Let's hope we can survive the next 2 1/2 years of this incompetent, pretend president.