Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Confession: I was in denial.

For a long time – a really long time – I must admit, I was in denial. I honestly thought there
were redeeming features to those who drank the Kool-Aid of the Democrat Party.

After serious consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything single thing the self-
centered Democrats in the Congress propose, pass and support – is bad for our nation. I am
deadly serious and I mean that literally. All the feel-good crap they sponsor is totally without
regard for prioritizing the pocket change we have left after Obama’s irresponsible spending
sprees since taking office. I must say that these un-American tools of the far left are fiscally
irresponsible to the degree that they are indeed and in fact, traitors.

I truly believe the Democrats currently seated in this Congress and those serving as Obama’s
appointees in his administration plus, the clueless who carelessly continue to re-elect them as
their representatives – are intellectually stupid and for the most part, morally corrupt. Can I
make it any more plain?

Can there be rational arguments to the contrary? If there are logical arguments to counter
my position, they aren’t forthcoming from the Democrats, as they do not engage in reasoned
discourse. They demagogue, they cater to the lowest common denominator of public intellect
and they tell lies. Big whoppers, non-stop.

Under Herr Barack Hussein Obama’s regime, he and his minions are doing their best to
destroy the Republican Party. And, the Republicans are trying to beat them to it. My concern
is that we lovers of Liberty are still stumbling about in a drunken stupor over the results of the
recent, fraudulent Presidential election. We got taken to the cleaners. Time to face up to it.

Our task – and it won’t be easy – is to neutralize the dastardly Dems. Then, beat them at the
polls. Our tools: Good old, tried and true Conservative principles. Every time we carry that
banner; we win. If in the process somehow, some way, if we wind up purging the Dems of
most of their leftist kooks and crooks, that’d be a good thing. The Democrats have done a very
stupid thing, they’ve hitched their wagon to the Muslim Brotherhood. This toxic combination
is already a functioning phenomenon. You too-smart-by-half Democrats, you can only pet a
Cobra snake for so long before you get nailed

I was in denial but, came to my senses and confessed. How about you?

MORT KUFF © 4-16-2013

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine asking a dyed-in-the-wool Obama zombie why they support him and his policies, and they tell you that he is clean, articulate, fairly young (in political parlance), and that he is black. Those are all they can point to as this charlatan hasn't done a thing to bring this country back from the longest recession in our history. Mort, they are denial big time and they don't realize it.