Thursday, April 4, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

I’m really concerned.

I’m seriously concerned about the time away from play and vacations that Joe Biden feels obliged to devote to this ‘Gun Control’ thing.  Joe is really a dedicated guy, y’know.

I hate to see him eating into his ‘time off’ just trying to stop those crazy guns (mostly the black assault rifles with 500-round ammo drums) from firing themselves at innocent children studying in their classrooms.  Well, he is doing what he can to ban these weapons from leaping off the shelves of those dastardly Republican gun stores, jumping into their white Subaru SUVs and dashing over to the local elementary school for target practice.

There is one more thing that good ‘ol Joe can do, in between vacations – that is, to address the mentally-challenged or brain-damaged youngsters who harbor reveries of their ‘5-minutes of fame’ when in their mind’s eye, they dream of mowing down their school chums using a few items from their parent’s gun collection.  

I believe that by employing  his renowned facility with the English language, good ‘ol Joe could fashion a brief message to psychotic kids suggesting that maybe, they might want to think twice before grabbing a few guns from their Dad’s cabinet and racing toward their own certain demise.  

He might ‘esplain to the little tykes that if they shoot up their classmates and then ‘off’ themselves, they won’t be alive to review their notices in the local press and on their favorite TV news channel.  Y’see Joe, some kids just don’t think that far ahead.  That’s where you come in – you being the smartest guy on Capitol Hill – and all like that.

So, dear Reader – can ya see why I’m so concerned?  To paraphrase good ‘ol Nancy Pop-eyes, that eloquent Spokes-Loon  who flies around the House of Reps chamber on her Government-provided broom, “We’ve got to pass all kindza gun bans, before we know what we’re doing.”  Y’see, if you are a delusional Democrat – this all makes sense.

Otherwise, and all together now, let’s say - - “Oye Vay”.    (Yiddish for ‘April Fool’)

MORT KUFF  © 4-1-2013

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Ray Carbone said...

There's one thing you can say about Obama and the Democrats - they are unspoiled by failure. Everyone has a right to be stupid, but they abuse the privilege.