Sunday, April 14, 2013


Immaturity in the young is evidenced by their voting pattern and the unfortunate
results of November 6th, 2012. Many are in perpetual Spring Break and Happy Hour.
Strongly influenced by the leftist liberal academia, who themselves are the product of
the 60's hippie chaotic generation, hold far too many teaching positions, handing out
their Marxist ideology shovels to unsuspecting students, to dig themselves into a hole.
Instant gratification, idealism and their vote for Mr. Cool, pie in the sky purveyor of
fantasy promises, prevents them from seeing the abyss they are about to fall into.
They are also too naive to realize the President is pimping his many czars and his other
appointees, to go out and screw the productive public for lots of money to finance his
asinine policies. He refers to them as investments, but they have no margin of return;
only treasury draining entitlements to pad the Democrat's base.

A sign of maturity is when a person grows out of for trying to be in, with words, doings
and turn offs such as the following, connoting phoniness... reality shows, sushi, texting,
South Beach, trendy, Starbucks, Facebook, MSNBC, Malibu, People Magazine, tattoos,
recreational drugs, red carpets, do-gooder hypocrites, fixing things that ain't been
broke....making it worse, like Obamacare!

Young Republicans are not immune from immaturity. At the closing of CPAC, with many
young in attendance, the vote for 2016 favorite choice was Rand Paul. Their reasons are
not so dissimilar as of those by young Democrats....young, energetic, sparkling, rock star
injection after the disappointing 2012 election. I can address this subject objectively,
because I am a recovered clueless.

With all the technology, transportation innovations and world trade, isolationism and no
restrictions on substance use is not an option. Libertarianism may have some fine points,
but I liken it to moderate right wing anarchism, because common sense regulations in
certain areas is necessary.

President Obama's administration is now into its second term of deceit and broken
. The nine trillion dollar debt left by the previous administration was to him
irresponsible and unpatriotic and an abomination, to leave such a debt for our children
to contend with; but his near seventeen trillion and growing debt is OK now, and needs
no explaining.

I hope it is not too late for the public to find when they open the cupboard door, it's not

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Bill Sanford said...

Wasn't it Winston Churchill who once said, "If you're not a liberal by the age of 20, you have no heart, but if you're not a conservative by the age of 40, you have no brains"? The results of the last election that showed that young people voted about 70% for Obama shows the extent of the brain washing that has taken place in our schools and in our society. When 50% of the graduating college students can't find decent jobs and they still voted for the person who caused that to happen, you know something smells rotten in Denmark, my apoligies to Denmark.