Sunday, April 21, 2013

Demise of Small Business

This administration doesn't make sense. The back bone of our economy
is small business that employs the major tax source, which fuels the
function of government. The uncertainty of President Obama's policies
cause the small business man to hesitate to expand and hire additional,
staff, because it could have an adverse effect on his business.

The ratio of profit vs expenses can diminish his bottom line by raising
taxes and forcing ObamaCare employment medical insurance on him.
Non compliance to government mandates and regulations will result in
heavy penalties that's causing reluctance to hire additional personnel;
the worse case scenario will be the possibility of forcing him out of

Meanwhile, more government bureaucracies and agencies are being created
to monitor, regulate and enforce the burdens this President is forcing the
people who provide the money for his ideological experiment to endure.
Private sector new hiring increased by 1%, while government increased
their labor force by 15%. It is just a matter of time when the private
sector can no longer support the public sector. When this happens, history
verifies it gives rise to totalitarianism and an oligarchy state of

Flying on just the left wing creates too much stress and it is going
around in circles. To maintain balance, you need to use both wings or you
will crash. To deny the truth of what I'm saying is to display naivety,
obliquity or ignorance.

A further disquisition of Obamanomics is no different than setting limits
to how much an individual can earn. If that amount exceeds the limit, it
must then be given to the government for distribution to the various
entitlement programs
and to fill gaps Obama cronyism exemptions to
unions and other election benefactors friendly to his agenda create.

In simple words.... "Stick it the them!"

Obama's economic expertise is a fragile foundation in danger of becoming
a fatal sink hole, that is slowly swallowing the life out of the county's

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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