Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are We the Next Saudi Arabia of the Energy World?

We all know that the United States is the biggest consumer of energy in the world today. For years, we have been buying much of our energy needs from other countries, thereby making them rich beyond all reality. Good examples are the Middle East Gulf states, and Saudi Arabia in particular.

We not only helped them exploit the vast deposits of oil in their countries, we were one of their best customers paying the inflated prices set by OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). The ironic thing about that is that even though we made them rich, they generally hate us as a nation. So here, we have supplied our “enemies” with money for them to burn our flag and bad mouth us around the world. Are we stupid or what?

We have found out, in recent years, that in our own territory and off-shore, we have more energy than the whole Middle East combined, and still we buy energy. Why? One reason is that the environmental lobby (sometimes called “wacko’s”), have an inordinate amount of influence at the highest levels of government (namely the Obama Administration). These “greens” have a vendetta against all fossil fuels and they will use their misguided influence to thwart any and all attempts at exploration of oil, coal, and natural gas. We are sitting on a “goldmine” (maybe should be referred to as black goldmine) of energy, and we let these “two bit” tree huggers to determine our energy sources and needs under the guise of saving the planet from destruction? Are we stupid or what?

Many of our financial woes can be alleviated if we just tap our own natural resources instead of sending our energy money to countries around the world, many of whom could be considered our “enemies”. Instead of us importing energy, we could and should be exporting energy around the world and reaping the financial benefits that the Gulf states have been reaping for lo these many years. Even some of the cash strapped states in our country, could get in on the action by leasing drilling rights and by getting royalties for the energy that is waiting to be tapped in their states.

This doesn’t mean we couldn’t or shouldn’t explore for and research alternative sources of energy like nuclear, wind, solar, and hydro-power. This windfall of extra revenue that will be generated by the sale of our “fossil” fuels, we’d then be better able to spend more on research on the alternative sources of energy. It would be a win-win situation, which we shouldn’t or couldn’t afford not to take advantage of because of some environmental wacko’s who have a bug up their butts with their theory that fossil fuels are causing “global warming”. Are we stupid or what?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Richard Villani said...

To answer to your question Chuck, Yes, we are stupid and the stupidity goes all the way up to the Oval Office and His Highness, Barack Hussein Obama. For supposedly the "smartest" man on earth, he is probably the least qualified person to be president. How he lets those "environmental loons" dictate to him our energy policy, is beyond the pale? We would be out of our economic funk, if only he'd unleash the people to explore for our vast amount of energy sitting right under our feet. Vote out the bums in 2014.