Sunday, September 9, 2012

See, I Told You So!

A few months ago, I wrote an editorial stating that this presidential campaign would be the dirtiest in modern memory. Well, it looks like my prediction is coming true and with a vengeance.

It has been said that politics is a “full contact sport”, and both sides scrape and claw to try to get votes, all well and good, but when does the negative campaign cross the line?

The most vicious campaign rhetoric seems to be emanating from the Obama campaign and its surrogates. It started with the over-the-top accusations against Romney and his association with Bain Capital, the company he ran up to the year 1999. Even though Bain Capital has been a highly successful equity capital company, Romney and his company have been accused of deliberately closing companies and throwing people out of work and milking the companies of its funds. If that be the case, how come the company is still in business with a business plan like that? Bain Capital sought out companies in trouble and invested in them in hopes of turning a possible failing company into a successful profit making company, that would not have to layoff workers and hopefully, be able to hire more workers and make a profit for its investors. That’s capitalism and our free enterprise system at work.

Some of the companies Bain Capital got involved in and saved from the bankruptcy scrapheap are: AMC Entertainment, Burger King, Staples, Domino’s Pizza, Sports Authority etc. Of course, some companies, regardless of all the efforts of Bain to turn it around, did fail. Bain had an 80% success rate, quite a good batting average I might add (ask A-Rod and Albert Pujols).

The Obama campaign is using a few of those companies that failed to try to discredit Romney and Bain, even though those were the exception rather than the rule. They point out that some steel companies Bain invested in, by pumping money into them, went out of business and accusing them of doing it on purpose, but they never told you that at the time these companies went belly up, the Chinese were dumping their steel in the U.S. at ridiculously low prices which the U.S. companies could not compete against or match and stay in business. Should Romney and Bain be accused of purposely leading those companies into bankruptcy?

Maybe the Obama campaign should compare its record of failure with that of Romney and Bain? Maybe they should tell us why companies they shoveled “Stimulus” money into, went out of business with thousands of workers losing their jobs? Here’s a list of companies that received “Obama money” and then went into the tank: Solyndra, Ener-1. Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Amonix Solar, Spectra Watt, Eastern Energy etc. All went belly-up and thousands of workers lost their jobs, and he has the nerve to point his finger at Romney and Bain?

Instead of Obama claiming that Romney killed jobs, maybe he should look at his own record of picking losers while using taxpayer money (our money)? Romney and Bain were using their own money (not losing taxpayer money), and in most cases were successful for their investors and for the people of those companies he and Bain helped save.

It looks like our “Narcissist in Chief” is so desperate to keep his job, he’ll stoop at anything to try to keep it. His motto seems to be, “The End Justifies the Means”.

See, I told you so!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann


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Roberrt Rouse said...

Can you believe that Democrats are so fearful of losing the election that they have resorted to accusing Romney of being a felon, a tax cheat, and a killer of women and other assorted sins. Is that supposed to be presidential or is it beneath the office of the president? If he wins, how is he going to govern after demonizing his political opponents? The most important reason to replace Obama is for his filling the expected openings at the Supreme Court. Can we afford any more radical liberal judges? God help us!

George G. said...

Another great commentary.
Keep it up!