Thursday, June 14, 2012

Should the Dead, Illegal’s, or Felons be Able to Vote?

The federal government, under the auspices of our inscrutable Attorney General, Eric Holder, is in a hissy-fit over the fact that the State of Florida is trying to “purge” its voter rolls of dead people, convicted felons, and illegal aliens (a/k/a as illegal Democrats). Can you believe that?

Under some weird logic, that only a loony liberal can fathom, that by purging the voting rolls, the State of Florida is performing a case of deliberate voter suppression. I guess they feel that all those “illegal voters” will generally vote Democratic, therefore, the Democrats will be losing voters. Are they that hard up for voters in Nov. 2012? By making sure that only legally registered voters can vote, wouldn’t that be a good thing for both Democrats and Republicans? Don’t they consider a legal vote as being sacrosanct in making sure our elections are won or lost by the amount of legal votes cast?

The canard that not having an I.D. card will suppress the vote is ridiculous. In Florida, the cost of getting a voter I.D. card (which also can be used for other forms of I.D. identification) is $25 (the cost of processing) along with proper I.D. such as a social security card and being able to provide two items proving your Florida residential address (ex: a phone bill or electric bill). Since most “poor” people have a car or have access to a car, a driver’s license will suffice as a voter I.D., only those people who do not have a drivers license, will have to procure a voter I.D. to vote.

Is it an inconvenience? Yes, in a way, but since many “poor” people collect welfare or social security (or SSI) benefits and having to go to those offices to sign up or check-in, couldn’t they just as easily go to a driver’s license office to apply for and get an I.D. card?

The amount of illegal voting has increased over the past decade or so, as people representing ACORN and other similar devious groups (mostly aligned with the Democrats) have been prosecuted for voting fraud in many areas of the country. Some recent elections in Minnesota, Washington State, and Missouri, have been disputed because of some hanky-panky by certain groups and election officials. Of course, ground zero for voter fraud is the hometown of our President, Chicago, which has a reputation as being the “poster child” for voter fraud (ex: the JFK - Nixon election of 1960). The joke is that in Chicago they have set up polling booths in cemeteries to handle all the dead people voting.

Other states have also been sued by the Obama Justice Dep’t. In fact, So Carolina, even offered to supply a state citizen a “free” voter I.D. card and still that wasn’t enough for Eric Holder and the Obama administration. They still are being sued.

Once our citizens lose confidence in our election voting process because of voter fraud, we will become like a third-world country, reminiscent of the former Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela to name just a few of the oppressive countries who are known for suppressing the vote.

We cannot idly sit by and watch the stuffing of ballot boxes or the double voting by some “snowbirds” who own residences in both Florida and up north. Even one illegal vote is one too much.

I want every legal resident who wants to vote (regardless of party affiliation) to be able to vote, but I don’t want to have a ineligible person dilute my vote by voting illegally.

Who could be against that? Is that a stupid question?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann


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Miami Condos said...

Even with the Dead, Illegal’s, and Felons voting in Wisconsin, Scott Walker still Kicked Butt!

Carl Winton said...

I guess if Gov. Rick Scott went to predominantly minority polling places with a uniform and a billy club, and itimidated voters entering the polling place, everything would be all right as it was O.K. for the New Black Panther Party members to do that in the last election? Why do Obama and his political hack Attorney General, Eric Holder, only seem to be interested in minority rights? Aren't we all, black, white, yellow, or red. American citizens, and shouldn't we all be treated equally and fairly? Where is the uniter not the divider Obama promised us? Another hollow promise not met by this fraud in the White House.