Thursday, June 7, 2012

You've Got to be Kidding! Part Three

How many times have you said that phrase after seeing or hearing something that's really outrageous or goofy? Well, here are a few more of mine.

*How can a retailer like, Jos. A. Bank, sell suits under the condition of “buy one get two free” and still stay in business? “Me thinks” that the one suit you buy is priced way above what it should sell for. Am I correct?

*How can these “You've won a free vacation” people sleep at night after a day on the phone trying to scam the public with their phony offers and deceit?

*How can Obama, with a straight face, speak on college campuses asking for the students to vote for him again when 50% can't get a job upon graduation and many have to move back to live with their parents?

*How can people who are always preaching tolerance, compassion, and equal rights, all but fall over themselves in demagoguing George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin before all the facts have come out, and which the information that has surfaced, seems to justify the action he took? Was this an example of a rush to judgment ala the Duke Lacrosse case?

*How come Hollywood stars who are overwhelmingly liberal, always seem to jump on the bandwagon of blaming America first and always seem to suck up to our enemies around the world? (ex. Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda etc.).

*How can an Attorney General of the U.S. sue a sovereign state, like Arizona, for passing a state law that mirrors the federal law in trying to identify illegal aliens, when the federals won't even enforce their own law? Would you call that “ethnic pandering” to get Hispanic votes in the next election? Is the Pope Catholic?

*How does the government have the nerve to tell us what “light bulbs” we can and cannot use in our own homes? From what I understand, these new florescent light bulbs are very toxic when broken and all carry a warning to that effect? Is that progress?

*How can someone in the U.S. be arrested for speaking out against the President by the Secret Service? Well, some legislator has proposed such a bill. Do we live in the U.S.S.R. Or the U.S.?

*How can using the proper term “illegal alien” to describe people entering our country illegally, be considered a “hate” crime for using that term? Would a more apt term be “Undocumented Democrat”?

*How can the President, Congressmen and Senators who say they they want to support education, refuse to support school vouchers and many charter schools, which then prevents many students from leaving poorly performing schools, thereby depriving the needy children of a better education? After all, most of them send most of their children to private schools, including the President, because they want the best for their children, but won't give that same opportunity to the less fortunate? Is that called “throwing a bone” to the teacher's unions?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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1 comment:

Robert Garden said...

Are the Obama "Zombies" kidding when they claim that they have added 4 million jobs when we have 1million fewer people in the workforce ever since "The One" took office? Is this just more of the Obama "snake oil" being shoved down our throats again?