Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Power of Prayer

Witnessing the performance of our President the past three and a half years has deterred me from being a fan of his. I thought I'd never hear myself say this, but pray for him! For the sake of the nation.

The politically naive and unsuspecting were duped into turning the tide and voting for him, because he said he had the cure-all for an ailing country, and they believed him. It was a curable condition that in his hands, has turned into a near life support situation.

Being president is one of the hardest jobs in the world, requiring his full attention, but his campaign fund raising and social calendar is so full, it's a distraction, causing him to screw up, because he never had the expertise to handle the job, or the skill of multi-tasking.

There are six more months remaining in his term and he can cause a lot more damage in the interim. Pray to God to give him the strength to overcome his weaknesses and turn the error of his ways around and work for the American people, instead of his narcissistic vanity and socialist agenda that is detrimental to the economy, world perception and our overall well being.

Also, do pray for the First Lady that she may conquer her racism and be proud to be an American, regardless of who will be leading our country in 2013, even if it be a white Christian.

No matter what you feel about the President and his administration, please pray hard, because it is for the survival of the America we once knew.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Willie Cadegis said...

Our "Liar in Chief" and his wife, Moochelle, will not go down without a fight. They see the writing on the wall, so that's why they are going all out to stir up the loony left base to try to overcome the angst he's caused among the sane, true-blue, patriotic Americans, who can see right through his Marxist/Socialist policies and his slow, but sure, undermining of the America we know and love. We all must get out and vote this November to bring "real change" for our children and grandchildren.

Texas Babysitters said...

It is a shame to see Christians attacked for their belief system.