Sunday, June 3, 2012

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The Tea Party:

That grand and mysterious phenomenon

One wonders why it is that some of the most highly-educated Democrats, so many of the egg-head pundits and practically all the Liberal journalists find it such a ponderous task to fathom what the ‘Tea Party’ is all about?

It doesn’t seem to pose such a mystery for average, everyday Americans. Most folks with just a middling public school education seem able to grasp the concept.

In the case of the aforementioned ‘smarter-than-most’ people (them there Democrats), I believe I might have the answer to their difficulty in comprehending the ‘Tea Party’. I attribute it among other reasons, to their numbingly narrow-minded thought processes. Couple that with innate stubbornness and intellectual inflexibility (same thing), and you have a category of high-brows who are hardly able to think inside much less – outside the box. I admit that one of my long-held prejudices against ‘higher education’ is that for the most part, students are taught to memorize information rather than being taught how to investigate and learn on their own.

Our stealthily-educated President who has somehow along the way, mastered the totality of all the arts and sciences extant on this globe, does not suffer from an inability to recognize and define the ‘Tea Party’ movement. That, despite the fact that he has never attended a Tea Party activity, in person. After all, when one is ‘The One’ – no directly-related experience regardless of the subject, is required in order to deliver a learned treatise – especially if the text of the treatise appears on a Teleprompter.

Obama recognizes that the ‘Tea Party’ is just another group of partisans opposed to his every divinely-inspired dictate. And, Obama is dearly in love with groups; they are so easy to pit, one against another. This group of wayward Americans is his target-of- choice because they are so obviously, wed to the concept of individual freedoms and to the tenets of that pesky paper, The Constitution of the United States.

‘Tea Partiers’ as a group, fail to appreciate the things Obama is trying to do for us - or to us. I refer to the limits imposed on the Federal Government by that pesky paper - limits specifically designed to protect U.S. citizens against precisely those kinds of things that Obama is trying to do for us - or to us. Why is everything so complicated? Why can’t those ‘ordinary citizens’ understand that Obama means only the best as he goes about his unconstitutional power grabs that are so obviously, for our own good?

Obama and his enabling minions have a mortal fear of individuals who can and do think and act for themselves. Damn those ‘Tea party’ people. Who can understand them?

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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Military Posters said...

The Tea Party is alive and well and its members came out in droves to support Scott Walker. The Military Veterans need support to fire the Messiah.