Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who Can You Trust?

With all the bloviating coming from across the radio airwaves and on the T.V. screen, you sometimes wonder where the truth is with all the competing claims made by the various characters presenting their views.

When a politician (like Obama) tells us that by instituting his policies, 4 million jobs were created since he took office, can you really believe it or him? Well, a look at the statistics from the Labor Dep’t., shows that we have close to a million less people in the workforce than when he was first sworn in. So, in this case, it is safe to say that he is just blowing smoke out of his butt by trying to “make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Our real unemployment rate (counting all the unemployed, those who dropped out of job search market, and under employed workers) is not 8.2%, but closer to 11%. Is that something a politician should be crowing about? I guess if you are “The One”, because anything he says or does is O.K., and he shouldn’t be challenged because he is “The One”. Can you trust what he says?

When the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency), and the Commerce and Energy Department’s say that the reason for not approving the Keystone Oil Pipeline from Canada, is because it is a threat to the water supply of the region, you have to wonder how some people were recruited to run these agencies of government? It does tell you that “a rotting fish smells from the head down” and the powerful “environmental wacko” lobby has an inordinate hold into the thinking of the Obama administration. We could be energy independent in 10 years if we tapped all our available energy resources that are located within our boundaries and off-shore. Who can you trust to make the right decisions? Think of all the billions of dollars of royalties that could be reaped by our country if we used just a little common sense.

When the rare instances of crime, where the people involved are white (or perceived to be white) and black (or some other minority), and the confrontation turns violent and the white person harms or even kills the black person, can you believe that the authorities will blow up the incident and turn it into a monumental case of racism, you know something is screwed up in our society. Very little is mentioned that the real rate of interracial crime is predominantly black on white crime, but like the recent case of Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman, the forces of racial unrest will come out of the woodwork to generate animosity between the races before any of the facts have even came out. The “racial arsonists” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rep. Maxine Waters, and Rep. Frederica Wilson, were eager to stir up trouble, not to solve the problem, but to become part of the problem, as usual. Who can you trust, if not law enforcement, to bring justice to the case at hand? We have an Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is like a “teat on a bull”, totally useless when it comes to protecting anyone other than a minority. His pathetic record is made clear by his refusing to prosecute the intimidating thugs of the New Black Panther Party, by his suing the sovereign State of Arizona over their enforcement of their immigration policies, and his threat to the State of Florida to cease cleansing its voter rolls of dead people, convicted felons, and illegal aliens. Who can you trust when the chief law enforcement officer of our country can’t even do the right thing?

We all must work for a change in leadership in this coming election on Nov. 6 - we must elect Mitt Romney president because he’s the guy we can trust.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Richard Villani said...

Who can you trust in this White House to protect our national secrets? Pres. Obama says he is offended that people might question that it was leaks from his administation, but where else would this secret information to the media come from? George Bush's administration? This fraud, pretending to be our president, is in so far over his head that he can't see the facts because of his Marxist/Socialist ideology.