Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's Bring Everyone down to Mediocrity!

Now that the presidential campaign season seems to be in full swing, you can generally see where the darts and arrows are going to be thrown by the two candidates campaigns.

President Obama and the Democrats seem to have settled on the attack to be directed at our free enterprise system and Mitt Romney, who, it has been pointed out by the Democrats, has been extremely successful in our free enterprise system. They are painting him as someone who made a lot of money, and implied that he made his millions on the backs of the poor and middle-class people which the Democrats falsely are touting as being, “our people”.

I'm sure many of us would like to be as well off financially as Mitt Romney, but as fate would have it, I didn't, and many of my friends didn't succeed to the extent that he succeeded. Should I decry his success or should I wish him well, along with all the other successful people who have made a lot of money? I had the chance, as did everyone else, but my choices in life didn't lead to wealth and riches. Looking back at my “middle-class” life, I'm pretty happy with what I did in my life. I don't begrudge others for becoming wealthier than I.

But, that's not how the liberals (a/k/a/ most Democrats) seem to look at it. They want to punish and demonize successful people by over taxing them and then giving that money to the less fortunate people who were not as financially successful. That is the gist of the time honored playbook of the father of Socialism/Communism, Karl Marx. It looks like they want everyone to be “mediocre” instead of urging them to achieve what we all have the opportunity to achieve if we apply ourselves and take a risk.

You don't have to be wealthy to be happy, happiness is a state of mind not how many dollars you have in your wallet. I grant you that there is one thing that money can't buy, and that is poverty.

Mitt Romney's political opponents are using his wealth to try to demonize him in the minds of the voters. They claim that his success wasn't made legitimately, that it was made by taking advantage of others, which then made him a rich man. His success in his business career was heading up a company called Bain Capital. This was an equity firm that took troubled companies, some on the verge of bankruptcy, and turning them around by infusing money (capital) and management expertise into these companies in hopes they could turn them around to become successful profit making companies. From what I've read, approx. 80% of the companies they invested in survived and prospered, and 20% failed. To me, that is a pretty good batting average (just ask A-Rod and Albert Pujols if they'd be satisfied with a batting average like that?). Obama and the Democrats, as part of their demagoguery strategy, are cherry-picking and exploiting the companies that failed instead of championing all the companies that Romney helped turn from failure to success. Overall, the number of people who lost their jobs in the failed companies was just a small percentage compared to the many jobs that were saved and created by the infusion of capital and the management expertise of Bain Capital.

Romney and Bain's reward was earning a substantial profit for the company and its investors. Imagine if he listened to to the “doom and gloom” Democrats who seem to honor people who are just “mediocre” - our country would not have attained the No. 1 position in the world, economically.

Let's celebrate Romney's success in life rather than trying to tear him down. We need more people of excellence like Romney, instead of “mediocre” envious people like that which is being portrayed by our present President, Barrack Hussein Obama. The contrast is quite apparent, you can choose a successful entrepreneur or a Community Organizer from the corrupt City of Chicago. To me, that's an easy choice. Romney on Nov. 6, 2012.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Jack Cusack said...

Romney believes in trickle down prosperity, while the Democrats believe in trickle up poverty. You don't help the poor by penalizing or over taxing the rich, who by the way, the top 10% pay 70% of the income taxes. Obama's European style Marxism/Socialism,is a recipe for us becoming another Greece or Spain. He must be stopped.