Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Opinion + News Media Madness: It ain’t business, it’s personal.

I’ve always considered that history is a record of stuff that happened yesterday and the days that preceded yesterday. And, to the degree that daily doings are reported factually and accurately, then history should be a relatively accurate reflection of the daily news.

Either my concept is terribly flawed or something is rotten in the state of today’s media.

Here is an example of my complaint: The Opinion page of today’s SunSentinel (9-25-2011) carries the latest column by regular contributor, Prof. Robert Watson. It is typical of his workin that it is full of twisted historical gobbledy-gook. This chap is entitled to his opinions but, he is not ordained with the right to re-create history to suit his pre-conceived notions in order to more easily accommodate the theme of his next, left-leaning opinionated column.

You’ll pardon my limited education that probably explains my lack of understanding about why the esteemed Lynn University keeps this cat on the payroll. In addition to all its fine buildings and excellent facilities, this institution of higher learning must have an endowment that supports a History Re-Write Chair. How else to explain a pseudo-professor who is so willing to cherry-pick history to make his points?

Second example of my complaint: I believe that the mainstream media (Don’tcha get tired of this expression? I do.) is one of the contributors if not the major factor in this era of piss-poor news coverage and organized misinformation dissemination, that keeps the American public in a constant state of Dopamine-deprivation. It is also my belief that the majority of those who majored in Journalism during the 1960s, were so schooled in leftist dogma and so influenced by the Watergate coverage of icons Woodward and Bernstein, that they have as a group, managed to corrupt, pollute and transform the business of factually reporting the news into an unrecognizable whirlpool of unintelligible puke.

If it is true that ‘those who ignore history are condemned to re-live it’, then where does this constant distortion of the facts leave us? If I had my druthers, I’d replace Billy Shakespeare’smantra - - “First, kill all the lawyers.” with, “First, kill all the leftist reporters, journalists and pseudo-historians.” Well, it might not be politically-correct but, it sure would satisfy the soul of this Conservative - - at least, momentarily.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Joe Malone said...

Professor Watson passes himself off as an unbiased university professor who disseminates the truth to his students and to the readers of his columns in the Sun-Sentinel. Oh yeah? If you read his liberal leftist-leaning rants by the good professor, you wouldn't want to have your son/daughter enrolled in his class to learn fact-filled unbiased history. He fanatically "hates" both Bush and Cheney, and is in favor of Obama's "redistribution of wealth" (which is typical of most academicians today). Watson has the title of full professor, but in reality, he is just an empty professor.

Florida Car Insurance said...

The majority of Reporters are Leftists against America. Do they think the Terrorists will be nice to them?