Monday, October 10, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

There is a fungus among us.

This is meant especially for those of us residing in S. E. Florida who were born under the Star of David. But, since it is my sincere belief that everyone is entitled to my opinion - - all y’all others born under the sky full of stars can listen up, too.

We are surrounded by pretenders: Socialists, pretending to be ‘Progressives’. Democrats, pretending to be bi-partisan. Mainstream media, pretending to be unbiased. News reporters, pretending to be journalists. Liberals pretending to be for the ‘middle class’. A radical Muslim, pretending to be President; an anti-military slacker, pretending to be Commander-in-Chief. A squadron of appointed Czars - thick-skulled, thin-skinned theorists from the nether world of
academia, pretending to be knowledgeable about things with which they haven’t had a scintilla of experience. A First Lady, who truly believes she is the last word in style and substance and therefore, pretends she has every right to spend tax-payer’s money on her own personal whims. Democrat leadership in the Congress, who pretend that they have any other motivation for their shenanigans, than freely taxing & spending and of course, sabotaging the two-party system so they can remain in control, forever. Oh, I could go on but, you get the picture.

Okay, here’s my rant of the day:

RON KLEIN the former Congressman from District 22 and fake Jew, hasn’t given up making a fool of himself by sticking his nose up Obama’s rear end. He recently hosted a ‘closed’ event with fifteen local rabbis enlisted to soak up pretend-VP Joe Biden’s message carried directly from pretend-Fuhrer-Obama. Let us never forget KLEIN the coward, who so viciously attacked then-candidate Allen West and his family by making public, West’s personal information. This fake Jew is genuinely despicable.

Let’s never forget ROBERT WEXLER the former Congressman from District 19 and fake Jew, who made a mockery of his loyal but clueless constituents who had voted for him time and again, simply because he was a member of the tribe. He has unapologetically gone over to the side of the Palestinians against the closest ally of the USA, the sovereign State of Israel. No one ever mis-represented his constituents more blatantly than this fake Jew.

Let’s never forget Congressman TED DEUTCH, the fake Jew from Florida’s District 19 - another handsome member of the tribe, whose only qualification for office is that he is a member of the tribe. His record of representing his constituents in Dist 19 that is heavily populated with retired Jews who ‘vote for their own’, is precisely what you would expect from someone who was hand-picked by his predecessor, the pro-Palestinian Wexler. Prior to being sworn in to represent all the citizens of Dist. 19, Teddy Baby proudly swore to support Barack Obama’s policies, 100%. How’s that for bi-partisanship? Ya gotta love the guy. Someday, he’ll make a great ex-Congressman. The sooner the better.

Let’s never forget BUTTHEAD BURT AARONSON the perennial PBCounty Commissioner and fake Jew, who has for years, used his elected office as a trading post to bargain such goodies as the installation of traffic lights at dangerous intersections, for heavily-obscured benefits for himself, his family and political cronies.

Let’s never forget the always delightful DEBBIE WHATEVAH SCHMUTZ (Schultz) the fake Jew-ess, who devotes 100% of her time serving those who elected her to the U. S. House of Representatives, while devoting the other 100% of her time to her duties as Chairwoman of the DNC (Democrat National Committee). How do she do dat? Somebody is getting short shrift – could it be the voters of Florida’s District 20 or is it the Dem voters in the public at large. Take your choice.

Let me axx you a question? Are these faking Jews worthy of the faith we’ve placed in them?

I don’t think so. Please don’t misunderstand - It ain’t just business with me; it’s personal.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Reuben Goldberg said...

There are none so blind as those that will not see. That applies to many Jews both here in Florida and around the country who would continue to support Obama even after all the revelations and two-timing statements he has made about Israel. What does he have to do to bring the wrath of a liberal Jew to condemn him? He is not a friend of Israel and his apologists such as Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Robert Wexler, and Ron Klein condone that behavior to our staunchest ally in the Middle East, Israel, while giving lip service to the hopes and aspirations to the Israeli citizens. With friends like them, Israel doesn't need enemies.

James J. Pirretti said...

As a Gentile, I am amazed that so many Jewish people seem to vote Democratic no matter what. The individuals you mention seem to take positions on Israel or other topics that are anti-Jewish. Recently, here in St. Pete I read a letter written by a Jewish retired stock broker who supports the nuts behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. It seems that these liberal Jews seem to have a self-hatred complex. When I lived in Delray Beach I was amazed that so many Jewish voters supported the likes of Wexler, Klein, et. al. who always take a position against Israel and in favor of the Muslim fanatics.

However, it is great to seem letters such as those written by Mort and Reuben who appreciate who are friends of the U.S. and Israel and who aren't.

Boca Raton Insurance said...

Sadly, in an America that has been successfully secularized by the Left, the Jewish make up a large part of the Democrat party. So why do so many “Jews” vote for the party that is, as we shall see, patently Jew-hating?