Friday, April 23, 2010

Tea Party Caution Flag

The Tea Party movement is a good thing, and a nemesis to the beltway's good old boys club, who don't want it disturbed; but beware over doing a good thing.

Look what has happened by over doing the application of the first amendment. Abusing its purpose
and meaning with irresponsible behavior, contributing to the decline of family values and legalizing immoral expression by the ACLU and judicial activists. It's wrong to shout fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire, and to shout,"Racist!" at Tea Party protesters where there is no racism. Reaching for another tasty cupcake and that extra glass of wine, or over indulge on other feel good things, defying will-power is over doing.

I hope this movement will take the high road, weeding out the loonies and radical liberal plants, who diminish the movement's purpose of putting our elected officials on notice that we will no longer tolerate business as usual. Their spending is completely out of hand, and it's their belt that needs tightening, not ours.

Submitted by George Giftos
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Alan Kolz said...

Your advice George is well taken, but doesn't the average citizen know what is right and what is wrong? Out of all the many hundreds of "Tea Parties" held around the nation, not one arrest for disorderly conduct was made. For "angry" people, it was amazing how oderly and respectful these "evil" protestors were. Compare them to the "peaceful" members of the Earth Liberation Front, PETA, the Black Panther Party, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, S.E.I.U. goon squads etc., etc. That's where the "real loons" are, not in the "Tea Party" rallies by people exercising their 1st Amendment rights for redress of their grievances against an unresponsive government.
For all the liberal phonies out there, look in the mirror and you most likely will see a violent protestor looking right back at you.

Florida Estate Planning said...

Now we see that it was all lies, the Tea Party is NOT Racists. The Tea Party cleaned up after thenselves and had no violence. In fact, look at the support for Allen West coming from the Tea Party.